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2012 Survival

Posted by on 5/31/2012 to Emergency Preparedness

A large meteorite, supernova explosion, alien visitation, or a giant aggregation of various natural disasters on a large enough scale to wipe out mankind, while technically possible, is just too far fetched for me to believe. You can see why the Mayans and others were wrong here.

However there are more realistic concerns a person should consider in this year. Below are a few truly potential situations that a prepper should prepare for:

Economic Collapse

A trend is emerging in the financial world. Prices of many essential consumer goods are increasing faster than the average person gets paid. Unless this changes, the average and the poor will get more poor and the rich will get more rich. It would be wise to invest in non-monetary trade for bartering purposes and/or prepare yourself to be self reliant. Learn some skills needed to procure food and water.

Nuclear Threat

Unfortunately there is not much to do to protect yourself from a nuclear attack, but here are some guidelines. 
  • Keep yourself away from high target areas like major cities. If you live in or near a major city then prepare an escape route and a cache somewhere far (a few hundred miles at least) from that city.
  • Stay alert and up to date with any news broadcasts.
  • Have a way to communicate with loved ones at all times and discuss with them a notification and evacuation plan.
  • Radiation kills more than the explosion. Stock up on any supplies that could help minimize exposure and invest in some radiation tablets.
  • It is not realistic for everyone to own a bunker, but if you can invest with a group of friends or family or know someone who already has one, then it would be wise to consider this option.
Terrorist Attack

Being away from highly targeted areas is again another way to prevent this problem. Keep yourself on the down low as soon as any risks of such events is prevalent. If you know how to properly and safely use a weapon then do so. I'm personally not a big fan of guns, because I have seen too many accidents gone wrong, but sometimes it is the only way to stand your ground in extreme circumstances.

Global Warming and Mass Flooding

Temperatures may rise dramatically in the years to come and certainly high flooding is sure to follow. Here are some tips to help combat these occurrences. 
  • Stay away from coast lines
  • Stay away from the equator and surrounding region and very near the poles.
  • Keep emergency flotation supplies in your bug out kit and consider an emergency raft or boat of some kind.
  • Learn the basics of flood preparedness.

These are the most real threats concerning 2012 and the years to come. Don't worry about any mass doomsday apocalypse. Besides, if that stuff really were true, then wouldn't it be impossible to defend anyway?
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David Date 7/26/2012 1:42:00 PM
Seems legit. I almost keep hoping for something though. No fun otherwise
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