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30 Uses For Rope Or Paracord

Posted by on 8/30/2011 to Outdoor Survival

So you might be wondering why you would need to include rope or paracord in your survival kit or outdoor pack. Well below is a list of many ways to use this survival tool. This list is by no means comprehensive but we did try to think of as many as possible without overlapping. There are certainly more applications than listed but this should be enough to convince you that rope and paracord are important and essential survival tools.
  1. Rappelling - Being able to move quickly and efficiently is so important in any survival situations and sometimes this involves conquering a steep hill or cliff. A rope will allow you to safely rappell when needed using proper technique.
  2. Build a Shelter - You can use rope to secure bundles of sticks and make walls and roofing for shelter.
  3. Build a Raft - If you need to cross a river or travel down stream having rope will significantly increase the ease of constructing a useful flotation vessel.
  4. Carrying - Strap tools and items to your backpack or clothing to be able to carry more things and keep your hands free.
  5. Trip Wire - Making a trip wire with a can and rocks or bells can help ward off or alert you of animal threats like bears or wolves.
  6. Clothing Line - Dry your clothing on the line after a heavy rain or encounter with a body of water.
  7. Food Line - Hang your food up to avoid losing your meals to bears and other wild animals.
  8. Tourniquet - If cut or wounded a rope can help stop serious bleeding when needed.
  9. Fishing Line - You can use individual strands to use as fishing line if you have some type of bait and hook.
  10. Fishing Net - Use the thin strands to consruct a small fishing net to catch fish for food.
  11. Animal Trap or Snare - Catch prey by constructing a trap or snare of some type
  12. Bola - A bola is a type of weapon that can be used to catch large birds or other animals for food.
  13. Pulley System - Sometimes you may need to move large or heavy objects and rigging a type of pulley system may be the safest and most effective way to do so.
  14. Fire Starting - You can make a bow drill to start a friction fire.
  15. Tying Down - Secure your items, shelter, rafts, etc... by tying them down so they don't get blown away by strong winds or washed away by running water.
  16. Belt or Suspenders - Loose pants? Fix it by using a rope for a belt.
  17. Shoe Laces - You can pull out some strands if your rope is too thick to replace broken shoelaces.
  18. Zipper Pull - Tie a small knot through your zipper to help pull it.
  19. Animal Leash - If you have a pet along or want to keep an animal you find restrained, use a rope as a leash and/or collar.
  20. Ladder - You can use a rope as a ladder if you need to get up and down certain features like a large tree, rock face, or steep hillside.
  21. Human Leash - In areas subject to landslides, avalanches, or quicksand, it is sometimes a safe practice to stay connected with a buddy by loosely tying or holding each end of a rope.
  22. Hammock - A hammock is sometimes necessary bedding if you need to be elevated off the ground when sleeping to avoid dangerous threats such as insects, snakes, or wild animals.
  23. Arm Sling - Make a sling in case of arm injuries.
  24. Splint - Make a splint to secure broken bones.
  25. Repair - Use the threading to repair clothing, shelter, or storage packs when needed.
  26. Snow Shoes - Use a small branch or stick to create a makeshift shoe bottom for use in snow.
  27. Grip - Use to make a grip around a walking stick or makeshift knife or tool.
  28. Signaling - Tie signal devices like bright cloth to tops of trees as a rescue signal technique.
  29. Crochet - Use the threads to knit into a backet or washcloth.
  30. Dental Floss - The thin threads can be unwoven and used as a dental floss for hygiene purposes.
Ok so maybe some of the uses are a bit of a stretch, but realistically it is still very feasible and has been done over and over again by real outdoor survivalists and average people in emergency situations.
Blog Comments
Les Shamburg Date 8/20/2012
Trout line, Line with more than 10 Hooks. Climbing Trees. Then sleeping in tree. Snakes?
gus Date 10/20/2013
there is probably about 1 million different uses with rope but what ever
nikita Date 8/17/2015
SidneyTaf Date 4/2/2018
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