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5 Tips for Sleeping in a Tent

Posted by on 9/22/2017 to Shelter and Warmth

Sleeping in a tent is never the same as getting a slumber in the normal warm bed. The environment is a complete contrast to the bedroom. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to have a great sleep in the forest. There are pointers that can help if you want to achieve the goal of having a good sleep in the tent. The following are 5 tips for sleeping in a tent that will certainly improve the quality of sleep you get out there.

1. Get the Right Bedding

The quality of the bedding gear cannot be overemphasized when it comes to camping. Depending on
the prevailing weather conditions at the site, you need to pick the right bedding. Cold is an enemy of a good sleep. Suitable bedding ensures that you keep warm during the night. This will, in turn, guarantee an uninterrupted sleep. Also important is to ensure that the bedding is in the right condition before you carry them with you. Just before sleeping, ensure that the bedding can insulate you against the cold that comes from the ground.

2. Deal with Unpleasant Noises

Unpleasant noises will ruin your night if you don’t deal with them appropriately. Some sounds can help you with sleeping but not the unpleasant ones. Earplugs are a great solution to this. They help prevent the noise from getting to the ears. You can use them to get soothing sounds from a phone or any other device while blocking the unpleasant sources of noise. The lulling sounds help to get a great sleep.

Familiar sounds may work for the good. For instance, for great sleep, you need quite the noise of a generator.

3. Use Clean Sleeping Bags and Dress Appropriately

Dirty bags make you not sleep comfortably. So, before you use them, ensure they are sparkling and smell great. Using clean and fresh night dressing can help in attaining a good sleep too. Depending on the environmental conditions at the site, dress either warmly or lightly. If you over-dress in a hot weather, your sleep will be interrupted by high temperatures. Dressing lightly in a cold weather will deny you a good sleep as well. It is, therefore, best to make sure you are up to date with the weather conditions at the site. This will inform your dressing.

4. Ventilate Properly

Due to condensation that occurs when you sleep in the tent, you may experience wet conditions. If the tent is completely zipped up when you sleep in it, there is no way to avoid dumping of the bedding. Most tents have ventilation which you can use. Take care not to allow too much wind or animals and insects to get in though.

5. Set up the Tent Properly

The placement of the tent will affect the quality of your sleep. If the campsite is not leveled, you can make a few adjustments to the place where the tent is to be. Do this by clearing the place where you are to set up the sleeping bag. Remove the stones and twigs to make it leveled and comfortable. It is also not advisable to pitch the tent under trees. Falling twigs can be dangerous and annoying. The pooping of the birds on the tent all through the night can be so uncomfortable and will keep you awake. You can’t possibly go wrong with these 5 tips for sleeping in a tent. When properly taken into account, the campsite can just be as warm and comfortable. Whether you go camping with the family or colleagues, use the tips and help everyone enjoy the experience.

Author Bio

Amilia Anderson is an enthusiastic woman from Tacoma, Washington. She loves writing about parenting, gardening and outdoor activities in her blog

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