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5 Essentials for Your Survival Kit

Posted by on 9/13/2017 to Survival Gear

When it comes to camping, the number one rule is ALWAYS to be prepared. Not only should you pack the essentials for the camp, but the survival kits as well for the just-in- cases that may come your way. This will help you survive the wilderness if anything happens. But what should you put inside your survival kit? I'll be showing you the five essentials you need to add to your survival kit for your next camping trip!

Five Essentials for Your Survival Kit

survival kit

Here are the five absolute necessities to add when packing your survival kit:

Communication Devices

I recommend that you pack a radio or walkie talkie to signal other campers nearby who will be able to locate where you are and help you in any case of danger. You can also bring a phone, though be wary of the signal.

Signal Devices

If there are times you are lost or away from any civilization, then it's time to pull up a flare or flashlight to signal anyone along the way for help. Always pack in light and noise sources to easily get help when lost in the woods.


survival food

You can smoke venison or smoke bacon when camping, but I recommend you to pack instant food you can eat immediately without cooking, such as canned goods or trail bars. Anything high in carbs and fat is recommended to remain satiated and healthy.

Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is a multifunctional tool small enough to bring but has a lot of purposes, especially when it comes to survival. You can use its sharp knife and other tools to help survive when in the woods.

Mini First Aid Kit

In case you have any injuries or need particular medicine while you are lost, then you can help relieve the pain and symptoms through bandaging the wounds or drinking medicine you packed in your survival kit.


In case there will be times you get lost along the trail or happen to find yourself in a blunder while camping, then a survival kit will help you sustain yourself and whoever you are with for a few days until help comes. That's why you need to prepare the essentials to ensure that you are safe and prepared.

I hope that this article on the five essentials for your survival kit helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need to pack for your next trip. So don't wait any longer and begin preparing your survival kit today. If you have any questions or would like to share your tips on packing your survival kit, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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