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Zombie Apocalypse Kit

Zombie Apocalypse Kit
7 Survival Tools for Zombie Apocalypse
7 Survival Tools for Zombie Apocalypse Ax cuts wood as easy as Zombies Long range slicing and dicing Close combat, easily concealed
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Survival tool kit with 7 bladed weapons.

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Gerber Apocalypse Kit

Are you prepared for when the dead walk among the living? Can you protect yourself, your friends and your family? Can you fight the onslaught of zombies during the coming of the great apocalypse. This kit gives you the best chance to do so. The 7 survival tools within the canvas carrying case supplies you with all the main weapons you and your crew will need to go to battle when the ammunition runs out and the walls are torn down.

Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Kit Features:

  • Compact and portable
  • Case features stud buttons to stay packed and secure
  • Dimensions: 
    • 33.5 x 27.5 Opened
    • 33.5 x 9 x 5 Closed
    • Less than 12 lbs
  • Made in USE
  • Product of Gerber Survival Gear
  • Lifetime warranty

The ax, machetes, and parang are great whether you are hacking tree limbs, branches, or zombie necks. A variety of fine and serrated blades for cutting versatility. All blades are forged with high carbon stainless steel.

The knives are great for a variety of uses as well. One features a tactical sheath, another is compact and the DMF folds neatly for easy concealment. Use these tools to build a shelter, construct other tools, or use for hand to hand combat.

Remember, all Gerber Gear is backed by a lifetime warranty. These truly are legendary blades. Get your Zombie Apocalypse Kit before it's too late!!

Manufacturer Part#: 30-000601

Questions and Answers
Q: Hello. i was wondering if the "Zombie Apocalypse Kit" Item ID: 765. comes with sheaths for each individual weapon?. regards G
Asked by:  - 12/15/2013 (Submit an answer)
A: Yes. Each item comes with their respective sheaths as they would if you purchased them individually.
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