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When All Hell Breaks Loose When All Hell Breaks Loose

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Stores clean, potable drinking water during any emergency
Stores clean, potable drinking water during any emergency Holds 65 gallons and fits almost any bathtubs Easy to install and use AquaPod Emergency Water Jug
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Emergency Water Storage Container.

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AquaPodKit Emergency Water Storage Container

A safe and simple way to store large quantities of clean water during emergency situations. Simply place the AquaPodKit into an ordinary bathtub and fill it with up to 65 gallons of water. This is easily a 14 day supply for a family of 4. This item is great for any type of disaster preparedness plan. When the power goes out, most people lose the ability to have running water, but if you planned accordingly, that will no longer be a problem thanks to the APK.

Fresh municipal water services are not a guarantee when hurricanes, floods, and other storms strike. The AquaPodKit is extremely cost effective compared to purchasing 65 gallons worth go fresh water from a grocery store.

Storm surges, broken lines and contamination will no longer destroy your peace of mind in having safe, potable water. This item is not reusable, but we guarantee one use is easily worth the value.

AquaPodKit Details:

  • The liners are made of 4 mil food grade linear low density polyethylene plastic. USDA and FDA approved. (40" x 80")
  • Water stays fresh for up to 8 weeks depending on variables such as humidity and temperature.
  • A siphon pump comes included so you can easily remove the water after use and dispense it into a usable container or bottle.
  • It typically takes 10-15 minutes to fill the AquaPodKit Emergency Water Storage Container
The Deluxe AquaPod comes with 3 tub liners and a lock and load pump.

AquaPodKit Instructions:
  1. Place liner in tub with liner neck positioned near tub spout. Secure the liner neck to the tub spout with one of the enclosed tie clamps.
  2. The tub liner can be filled to within a couple of inches of the tub’s top rim. DO NOT OVER FILL.
  3. Pull liner neck through inner sleeve.
  4. Pull and fold liner over top part of inner sleeve (see printed PDF of instructions).
  5. Push outer sleeve over the liner that is wrapped over the inner sleeve.
  6. Place sleeve cap over outer sleeve and snap into place.
  7. Insert the pump siphon tube into the sleeve cap.
  8. Snap pump siphon tube into sleeve cap so it fits evenly and tight. Make sure that the sleeve cap is on securely.
  9. Place cork (discharge tube stopper) in to the discharge tube. At this point the water is stored.
  10. To dispense the stored water, remove cork and place the discharge tube into a container. Turn top knob to the on position. Begin pumping the water by squeezing the pump bulb. Place cork in discharge tube to store for next usage.

Additional Important Information:

Liners are for one-time use only! The tub liner must be properly discarded and not reused. If reused, the stored water may be contaminated. AquaPodKit will not be held responsible for improper use or use outside the guidelines of these instructions. Use pump only as intended with this product. The pump may be reused with a tub liner refill kit.

WARNING: If the tub liner bag has been damaged in any way or flooding levels were above the top of the tub, DO NOT USE the stored water for consumption or hygiene. Follow the guidelines published by the FEMA or your local emergency management office on water purification processes. Kit contains small parts and sheet plastic which can present a choking hazard. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!

This survival gear item has been described as easy to use and very practical. A very valuable tool for areas subject to harsh weather conditions. Check out the video below for more information!

Manufacturer Part#: APK

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