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Cold Steel 2-Piece Blowgun (.625 calibre)

Cold Steel 2-Piece Blowgun (.625 calibre)
36 Variety Dart Pack Included!
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Small game hunting weapon w/ darts included. Measures 5 feet in length.

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2-Piece .625 Calibre Blowgun by Cold Steel

This large blowgun is meant to be used as a small game hunting weapon. The original blowguns were only capable of taking down very small prey like mice, moles and small birds. But with an extended barrel and larger, more dynamic darts the Cold Steel blowgun can take down game as large as doves, squirrels, quail and even rabbits.

Another great benefit of a blowgun is that they are extremely light, making it easy to travel longer distances without getting tired of carrying. They are also less likely to severely injure or kill unintended targets such as livestock, pets or other people. Little sound is made when shooting this blowgun, preventing spooking of prey even when the target is missed. Retrieve your ammo for multiple uses and continuous practice without having to spend money over and over.

Blowgun Features:

  • Large .625 Calibre Ammo
  • Extremely Accurate From 20+ Yards
  • 2 Piece Tube For Compactness
  • Strong Enough to Kill Small Game
  • Capable of Penetrating 1/2 inch Plywood
  • Silent Shooting Increases Stealth Capabilities

Package Includes:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Blowgun barrel (2 Piece)
  • Rubber Ferrule
  • Dart Quiver
  • 36 Darts:
    • Stun Darts (12)
    • Mini Broad Heads (12)
    • Broad Heads (6)
    • Bamboo (6)

Made by Cold Steel, a company known for quality materials and effective design.

Manufacturer Part#: B6255T

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