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Boater Lost and Found in the Wilderness

Posted by on 8/21/2011 to News

Admiral Bunky and his crew of 2 were out on a leisurely boating expedition when they suddenly realized the ship was quickly taking on water that would eaily sink the ship if they did not act fast. Realizing that they were too far from shore to make it back, the admiral quickly deployed his emergency life raft, but was only big enough for 2 people. Being a brave, courageous admiral, Bunky insisted his crew hop on the raft while he desperately tried to race the boat as close to shore as he could and get help.

Admiral Bunky was able to get close enough to swim to shore before the boat went under, but was on unfamiliar grounds and was miles away from roads or civilization. With no cell phone service neither the crew nor the admiral could call for help. Fortunately, just before the ship went down, the admiral was able to communicate a message to the South Bernville Yacht Club using an emergency radio transmitter.
The message was immediately picked up and a search and rescue team was ready and on the move. It was only 2 hours before the admiral was located by Yacht Club Search and Rescue Members and was lead to safety. The admiral directed the rescue team to his crew who was found and brought in to safety. Later they located the ship and was eventually salvaged and repaired.
Admiral Bunky says "She (the ship) is now stronger than ever before and will be guiding us on many more journeys to come!"
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