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Cold Steel African Walking Stick

Cold Steel African Walking Stick
Cold Steel African Walking Stick
Cold Steel African Walking Stick Geodesic Ball Grip Great Companion for the Outdoors
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The African Walking Stick is a remake of the traditional staff used by reputable ancients of the African homeland.

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Cold Steel African Walking Stick

The Zulus are perhaps the fiercest, most combative tribe in all South Africa. In 1879 the Zulus, in one of the most humiliating defeats in history, defeated the British at the Battle of Isandlwana. The Zulus annihilated an entire column of 1200 Englishmen who consisted of Artillery and Calvary. They defeated them with little more than cowhide shields and their Assegais (short stabbing spears). The thing that distinguishes the Zulu people most is their fondness for using a "Knob Kerrie", or walking stick. The Cold Steel African Walking Stick features some of the best parts of traditional Zulu Kerries. It features an undulating shaft, the traditional geodesic ball grip, and is made out of black polypropylene. This means that, in addition to being unbreakable, it's also impervious to the elements. It will never rot, warp, crack, splinter, swell, shrink, mildew or fade. This durable walking staff is ready to handle whatever you can throw at it.


- Length: 37"
- Weight: 25.3oz
- Head: 2 3/4"
- Diam.: 1 ¼" Base 1 3/4" Neck
- Material: Solid Polypropylene

Survival Tip: A walking stick's primary purpose is to aid one's balance when crossing uneven, slippery, wet or rough terrain. However it can also serve as a pointer, lever, or probe. It also makes for a formidable tool for self-defense in an emergency.

Manufacturer Part#: 42625

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