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Evanston 6 Person Tent Evanston 6 Person Tent

Paracord Survival Dog Lead (6ft) Paracord Survival Dog Lead (6ft)

MiniVault Standard MiniVault Standard

Navigation - Signaling

This selection of survival gear is all about navigation and signaling for help. A compass can be such a valuable survival tool in terms of navigating to safety, while the mirrors, whistles, and other signaling devices can increase chance of rescue by signaling distress to others nearby. Learn how to signal for help using these survival tools and other strategies by reading this article on How To Signal For Help

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Trail Compasses, Map Compasses, Lensatic, Pocket and More.

GPS Devices
GPS Devices

GPS Devices For Navigation and Locating.

Whistles and Horns
Whistles and Horns

Signal Whistles, Emergency Whistles, Horns and More.

Flares - Smoke Signals
Flares - Smoke Signals

Flare Guns - Smoke Signals - Handheld Flares

Signal Mirrors - Light Signals - Reflectors
Signal Mirrors - Light Signals - Reflectors

Signaling Mirrors and Other Reflective Signaling Tools


 Survival Tip: Some rescue and signaling techniques work better than others under different circumstances. Prepare yourself with multiple forms of signaling devices and implement them all in a survival situation to increase your chances of being rescued.
Check out this article on the Top Ten Survival Tools to see how valuable signaling devices can be.
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