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Gerber DF8 Knife Sharpener

Gerber DF8 Knife Sharpener
DF8 Sharpener
DF8 Sharpener Diamond fingers insure proper sharpening, every time.
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What good is a dull knife? Sharpen your knife with this diamond.

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DF8 Diamond Sharpening Tool

What good is a dull knife? Keep your knife perfectly sharpened with the DF8 Gerber Sharpener. With the DF8 Sharpener you get perfect 30 degree edges quickly and easily every time. You don't need any special skills to sharpen all types of knives and axes. The secret is the specially curved diamond coated fingers. These fingers replicate the swipe across a traditional honing steel. One swipe through the DF8 equals eight swipes across a regular steel. Blades almost never need regrinding after using the DF8 because the edges never get rounded like they can with other honing and sharpening steels. It has a small table top, compact design. Make sure that your hunting knife, camping knife, survival knife, or any blade is sharpened to its potential. Do this with the Gerber DF8 sharpener.

Sharpener Features:

  • Diamond coated finger, which replicate traditional honing steel
  • Sharpens blades at 30 degree edge every time
  • Compact design

DF8 Specs:

  • Overall Length: 3.25"
  • Weight: 6.20 oz.

Survival Tip: Somehow people seem to forget the most important part of any blade. Whether or not it is sharp! To do this it needs to be sharpened properly! Not only will your knife or blade not work to its potential, improper sharpening can actually ruin the knife and decrease blade life!

Keep your survival gear, especially your knives, in as best shape as possible by treating them how they need to be treated.

Manufacturer Part#: 2241847

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Categories: "Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Kitchen Appliances > Knife Sharpeners"
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