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Emergency Tinder Replacement Kit

Emergency Tinder Replacement Kit
Emergency Tinder Replacement Kit
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Fire tinder replacement.

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Emergency Tinder

Coghlans Emergency Tinder contains ten pieces of waterproof tinder that will work even when wet; light with Coghlan's Flint Match or any other flame or spark source. Each piece of tinder will burn for 5-7 minutes. It is non-toxic and odorless and is an excellent addition to your current fire starting tools.

How to use your Emergency Tinder:

1. Take a piece of the tinder and press it flat. We want the tinder to be about the size of a quarter on this step.
2. Now that we have our tinder flattened, we want to pull it into two equal parts. Try to make each piece be as "fuzzy" as possible. This will make it easier to light.
3. Press the two ends that are not "fuzzy" together, be sure to leave the "fuzzy" ends upwards. (we want the spark to hit these ends first)
4. Make sure you have gathered enough material to build a fire once you get the initial fire started with your tinder.
5. Use whatever fire source you choose to ignite the tinder. Remember, we want the sparks to make contact with the "fuzzy" ends of the tinder. Once initial lighting is done, build the rest of your fire untill the desired size.

(Tinder Tip: To soften the tinder in cold weather warm it up with your body temperature, or your breath. This will make preparing your tinder much easier)

That's it! Now you have a fire. Remember, Survival Experts agree that you should have at least two main forms of fire starting tools! Tinder is not considered a fire starting tool but SIGNIFICANTLY increases the effectiveness of them, whether you are using a lighter, matches, or some type of flint striker, magnesium bar or ferro rod.

Manufacturer Part#: 8649

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