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Finding Water Sources

Posted by on 6/28/2011 to Water and Hydration

Water is probably the most important survival necessity. Lucky for you, it is virtually available in nearly every setting, you just have to look hard and be creative sometimes. Below is a list of places you might locate and find water that can help save your life.
  • Rocks- Cracks and crevesses of rocks and boulders often collect puddles of water. This water will be stagnant so it is important to properly purify it.
  • Dew- You may have noticed that some mornings the grass is soaked with dew. This can be collected in many ways. Try tieing a cloth around your ankles and walking around till it gets nice and soaked. Wring out the cloth to drink the water.
  • Ground Water- Sometimes you come across muddy or moist ground and you just know there's plenty of water, but how can you possibly drink it? One way is to dig a hole till the water starts to form a puddle in the hole, then take a hot fiery rock that has been cooking over a fire and place it in the puddle. Collect this steam onto a cloth and wring out.
  • Ocean/Sea Water - WARNING!! DO NOT DRINK SALT WATER!! However... There is a way to desalinate (desalt) water. But you'll have to read about that in another article! Make sure you check out this detailed water desalinating and distilling instruction article. You should also check out this awesome fishing reel designed for saltwater use.
  • Vegetation- Many plants contain large amounts of water. Either in the stems, roots, or fruits.
  • Snow- This sounds obvious, but it is important to make sure you melt the snow down before consuming. Eating snow will cool down your body temperature which is probably a bad thing if you find yourself in a snowy survival situation. Also, snow is not always as pure as it looks. It can harbor bacteria so it is important to sanitize it.
  • Rain- Collecting rainwater isn't always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes you have to be creative to find ways to funnel enough rain water into a container. Make sure you set up as many collectors as possible when you do get the chance. Who knows how long it will be till you get another chance to drink.
Notes: We recommend purifying and/or boiling all sources of water before drinking.
Also remember that water flows downhill... In other words, go down hill to find bodies of water such as streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, and so on.

Read more: Learn How to Purify Your Water

Related Survival Gear: There are many types of Water Filters and Purifiers available. Germicidal Tablets are also an effective solution.
The Survival Water Bottle contains safe water survival tips written on the outside of the bottle.
Bring your own water in a Bota Bag, Water Flask, or Lightweight Mist Hydration Pack.
Homesteading? Preparing for Long Term Survival? discusses some effective ways to trap water from rainfall and other long term survival techniques. Oh yea, Check out what experts say about food prices!
Blog Comments
Ashlee Date 7/28/2011 1:17:00 AM
Tarps, tents sheets, and bags are great ways to collect large amounts of rain water
Mark Owen Date 10/19/2012
Save a few or half a dozen bread loaf bags. put them over your dry socks and into your wet boots, your socks will stay dry and comfortable but wont get much air, It will help in the shorty term if you hate walking in soaked leather boots as much as I do!
gulf charlie Date 10/24/2016
ive found a new water source,i bought a small compact dehumidifier that runs on ac very small watts can be ran off solar or car battery and inverter makes about half gallon a day in basement just need to boil or filter and would make even more outside,ill try in the future cost 100.00 weighs less than a pound no compressor cool!
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