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Emergency First Aid - Medical Field Guide

Snake Bite Kit Saves Hunter's Life

Posted by Devin Peterson on 5/2/2013 to First Aid and Medical

snake bite kit in useSawyer Extractor devices or 'snake bite kits' have often been a subject of criticism. Some medical experts recommend not attempting to suck venom from a bite due to other potential side effects and uncertainty of effectiveness. However, in this situation, the snake bite kit absolutely saved this man's life...
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5 Ways to Conserve Calories When Food is Limited

Posted by Devin Peterson on 4/16/2013 to Food Procurement

Hot Girl Eating Too MuchA few quick tips to help your body get the most energy out of the limited calories you have available. Some of these suggestions may be obvious, but a few of them will certainly surprise you, and get that big energy-consuming brain thinking... (hint!)
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Should You Drink Urine in a Survival Situation?

Posted by Devin Peterson on 2/7/2013 to Water and Hydration

Can you drink urine?The option to drink one's own urine is a common scenario in a survival situation when water is scarce and dehydration is quickly setting in. I've seen many TV survival experts drink their own piss on camera, but sorry to 'yellow-rain' on your parade, but it's purely for entertainment... I hope. Otherwise these 'experts' are crazy, and here is why....
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Avoiding Illness in a Survival Situation

Posted by Devin Peterson on 8/23/2012 to First Aid and Medical

Prevent Illness in WildThe possibility of getting sick in a survival situation is a very serious threat. The chances are increased due to many factors like stress, malnutrition and exposure. Here is a short list of techniques and practices to help prevent getting ill while in the midst of a survival situation.
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How To Prevent and Survive a Snake Bite

Posted by Devin Peterson on 8/24/2011 to First Aid and Medical

Learn how to minimize your risk of a snake bite and what you should do if you ever get bit.
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