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How to Survive Work

Posted by on 8/9/2011 to Survival Humor

    How to survive in the outdoors. How to survive a natural disaster or an auto emergency. These are all great topics to cover and are subjects that everyone should be well versed on. But what about the most common survival situation we are all put through: "How to survive work!" My fellow partner, Devin, is out rock climbing for the day so I thought I'd take the opportunity to write an article for you all. You see, surviving in the outdoors and heck even starting a friction fire is something that I have learned in my days. But work, is the most difficult survival situation of all.
   It is something we must all deal with. We are taught from a young age that work is something that is necessary to live a "normal" life. In order to buy a nice car and have a big house you must work pretty much every waking hour of the day. We all know the feeling. 6:00 am (sometimes earlier) rolls around. We are then serenaded by a beautiful sound. Something like "BEEP BEEP BEEP" or a terrible radio station that you barely get signal on playing some remix of Elvis. Perfect. It's time to rise and start yet another day of the same old routine. Get your coffee, brush your teeth, and make lunch. But don't forget to feed the fish again!  Seems at this point we are always running late. Like "Wow, how do I always manage to be running late no matter what time I get up?"
   Anyway, now we are off to work. Whether it's the office, the construction site, or whatever else you may be blessed to be doing with your day. How do we survive this? Well unfortunately I have not figured this out yet, but have learned some helpful tips that may increase your chance of survival just enough.
1) Make sure you have the latest version of youtube on your phone. (Yes thats right. Somehow youtube always helps us through the day. Hide in the corner at least three times a day and watch your favorite youtube parody.)
2) Have snack food at all times.
3) Browse different classfied sections for a new job.
(Never seems to be anything better than what you're already doing, but it may give hope that someday you will see an ad that says "Apply now and be rich tommorow!"....wait, there are already ads that say that... Well hopefully someday those ads will actually be real!)
4)Learn a new Language. (Doesn't have to be a real one)
5)Make fun of a co-worker in that different language
6)Countdown the minutes till you go home
(actually doesn't work that well for me)
7) If you are near a highway count cars (still doesn't really work)
8) If you are near a lawn count how many blades of grass there are. (Yea..guess counting doesn't work.)

Well to recap. There really isn't anything that I can think of that helps you get through the day. Guess we will keep looking. But if you have any good ideas please comment below so that we can learn from you!

---We can't help you with surviving work but if you are looking for Survival Gear, Camping Gear, or tools for Emergency Preparedness we got you covered!---

Blog Comments
Devin Date 8/9/2011 4:24:00 PM
Ah, now I see what my partner is out doing when Im hard at work, climbing rocks, to test new gear for our website!!
outdoor jack Date 8/9/2011 4:26:00 PM
LOL... I like to try to guess how many pieces of paper are in a stack, and then count them to see how close i was.
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