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Doan Magnesium Fire Starting Tool

Doan Magnesium Fire Starting Tool
Long lasting and effective
Long lasting and effective Small and compact for easy pack and pocket carry Smaller than the average fire starter
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Starts fire with magnesium shavings and sparks.

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Doan Magnesium Fire Starter

A reliable fire starting tool that can build hundreds of fire. Recommended and used by survival experts around the world. The magnesium fire starting tool is easy to use and lasts much longer than lighters and matches. It is also small and light, making it a great tool for your survival pack or bug out bag. Fire Starting Tips

Fire Starter Details:

  • Ignites sparks at 5400
  • Includes a block of magnesium with spark igniter / flint rod attached
  • Magnesium shavings can be ignited with sparks or flame from lighter or matches
  • Shavings ignite wet or dry

How to use the Magnesium Fire Starter

WARNING: Gasoline is too hazardous to use but kerosene and diesel fuel are acceptable.

Doan Magnesium FireStarter Tool

  1. Prop the edge of the tool on the ground at angle as displayed
  2. Scrape the narrow side with a blade perpendicular to the marked "Shaving Edge"
  3. Gather a small amount of the magnesium shavings (about size of quarter) next to or over the tinder
  4. With the tool still supported on the ground, scrape the "Sparking Insert" an inch away from the magnesium pile with a blade at a 45 degree angle
  5. This should create sparks that will ignite the shavings and tinder into a flame you can then use to build your fire.
Fire Starter is made by Doan Machine and Equipment Co.
Many testimonies on this product indicate that unlike many other cheaper made magnesium blocks, the sparking insert on this tool will stay the block.

Great for camping. Never worry about other tools that can fail you on your backpacking trip or outdoor adventure. Camp fires are always a guarantee when supplying yourself with a magnesium block fire starting tool. Keep in your survival kit for emergency fire starting. Survival gear for creating fires should be long term, effective, and easy to use.

Manufacturer Part#: 372221

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