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Wilson Tactical Monkey Fist

Wilson Tactical Monkey Fist
Black Tactical Monkey Fist
Black Tactical Monkey Fist Red Tactical Monkey Fist
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Knotted rope with many uses.

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Monkey Fist

Monkey Fist by Wilson Tactical. A stylish addition to your favorite knife. Monkey Fists assist in quickly drawing your knife from your pocket or sheath, and also make convenient extensions on zippers or keychains. The inner core is a 3/4" chrome steel ball for ideal weight, and the surrounding paracord is hand-tied. The loop is tied in a slip knot for maximum versatility.

Early use of the monkey fists proved to be a useful melee weapon for self defense. Sailors use to use various types of monkey fists as "slungshots". The weight at the end of a rope would allow one to swing the weight around building up momentum and releasing with a powerful force.

Additional uses include anchoring or climbing. The ball can be placed into a crack to serve as a supportive point of attachment. It can also serve as the weight in a heaving line. Boaters and arborists are familiar with the technique with attaching a lightweight line to a heavy object to allow oneself to throw the line a particular distance, usually over objects to serve as an anchor point or to wrap something which would be difficult to traverse.

Manufacturer Part#: 09WT101

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