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New Gear - Earthquake - Prophecies

Dear Survivors,
Survival Camping Store has launched a few new categories of products including Tents, Sleeping Bags, Radios, GPS and Tracking Devices, Tarps, Carabiners, Lanyards, Bincoulars and Monoculars, and more!
Check out our new products and enter the word 'Survival' into the coupon code at checkout for 10% off your purchase.
REMEMBER: We are still offering free shipping for approximately another 2 weeks! Don't miss out!

The East Coast Quake of 2011


I am sure that if you have some connection with the East Coast, you may know about the rare 5.9 scale earthquake that took place August 23, 2011. Fortunately there were no serious damages and injuries that have been reported thus far. However, just because this quake has passed, does not mean it is too late to prepare for a more serious earthquake or any natural disaster. Not only do we provide all the essential survival gear and tools you will need, but we also regularly provide valuable information on our 'Survival Tips' blog page. Learn how to prepare for all types of emergencies and what to do in any survival situation. Visit our blog here:

Debates of the Mayan 2012 Prophecy


Hello subscribers and customers, by now you might have heard about the 2012 prophecies, that the world may be comign to an end... While this might be good for business here at Survival Camping, we are sad to say that there probably will NOT be an end to the world in 2012.. :( Researcher and Journalist, Devin Peterson, has studied the claims of 2012 and came up with this conclusion. His article can be found at the address provided below. On a more positive note!... We would like to ask that our former customers provide feedback so that we can improve our website, customer service, and product selection. Please visit out website,, and leave some product reviews on the items you have purchased in the past. As a reward, in addition to the reward points you have already recieved!, we would like to offer you this 10% coupon code.... Simply type in the word "thankyou1" during checkout process to redeem this discount.