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Order Of Survival Priorities

Posted by on 8/20/2011 to Outdoor Survival

We all know that in order to survive you to need stay warm, keep hydrated, and signal for help. But which survival aspects are the most important and what should you do first? Below is a list of important survival aspects in order of priority and why.
  1. Protection From Weather and Animals - Cold or severe weather and animal attacks are things that can kill you in a matter of minutes or even seconds. When you find yourself in a survival situation it is always important to take care of the most immediate dangers. You never know how long you can be stranded, so make sure you are well protected from the elements. Know how to avoid and handle dangerous wild life confrontations.
  2. Navigation and Bearings - You are much more likely to be able to find your own way to safety than being rescued. If you can find a way to navigate and find where you need to travel to increase your chance of finding safety than you should do so immediately. It could take long to travel and every minute can make a difference. In addition, if you decide to stay put, then seek a location that can provide a safe place to build shelter and somewhere near a water source.
  3. Rescue Signals - If you have come to the conclusion that you just don't know where to go then it is best to stay in one place, unless you have reason to believe that no one will be looking for you. In any case you will want to immediately prepare to signal for help. To learn how to signal for help read our article on Signaling For Help.
  4. Shelter and Bedding - At this point you have decided to stay in one place and you have your signalling strategy in place. You will need to have a place to sleep and rest that will keep you protected from weather, animals, and insects. It also helps to have a comfortable bedding, the better sleep you get, the stronger you will be. To learn about building shelter and makeshift bedding, come back and read our next article!
  5. Fire - A fire can do many things: Provide light, keep you warm, scare off wild animals and insects, cook food, and sanitize water. If you can not build a fire then your chances of survival will be dramatically decreased. The reason fire comes before water is because it is quite likely that without sanitizing your water, you could become ill.
  6. Water - So you have set up camp, hopefully you picked a location that is near a water source of some kind, which we mentioned in the Navigation and Bearings section. You won't last more than a few days without water, so you should make sure you know where to get it, then use the fire to sanitize if you have to. To learn some techniques for locating water read our article on Finding Water Sources.
  7. Food - You can survive for weeks without food, that is why it is the last thing you should worry about. However it is still extremely important. To learn how to find food in the wilderness read our articles on Eating Bugs, Fishing For Food, and more coming soon!
Thank you for reading the Survival Camping Store's 'Order of Survival Priorities'.
We hope you find this information very valuable and we would like to hear your feedback.
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We know survival does not begin or end with the gear and tools you have at hand, but the knowledge you have in mind.