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Outdoor Survival - General Tips for Outdoor Survival

How to Survive a Camping Trip With Your ATV

Posted by Robert Gate on 9/20/2017 to Outdoor Survival

Camping is one of the best ways to experience nature at its finest, but you will always need to be prepared as well. Just like investing in tools and equipment for your business (click here for the best vinyl cutters you might need for your company), you will also be spending for a lot of camping gear and equipment to survive and enjoy. One of the essentials? Food!

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How to Waterproof Boots - Natural Oils, Creams and Wax

Posted by Devin Peterson on 11/23/2016 to Shelter and Warmth

NatureDid you know there is a simple, affordable and very effective way to waterproof your boots? No need to spend 2 to 3 times as much money on waterproof boots that can often be lower quality when you can simply make your current pair of boots that you know and trust, water resistant!
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How to Survive Being Lost in the Woods: Tips & Tricks that May Save Your life

Posted by Devin Peterson on 11/16/2016 to Outdoor Survival

NatureMany of us head out into the woods or the wilderness to “lose ourselves” in the beauty of Mother Nature, but this stops being fun and can become horrible if we are unlucky enough to actually get lost while out there.
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All You Need to Know About Preparing Your Bug Out Shelter

Posted by Devin Peterson on 10/21/2016 to Shelter and Warmth

Preparing a bug out locationDo you ever think about what you would do in a disaster or emergency situation? You know, that type of fight or flight thing that can’t be predicted, and when you need to adapt really fast in order to survive?
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A Unique Water Filtration Idea (Using Bananas)

Posted by Devin Peterson on 6/8/2014 to Water and Hydration

Banana peel water filter

The need for clean water is undeniable, especially in a serious survival situation. After all, you can probably live for a while without food, but the body simply cannot function without water for more than a couple of days. Plus, it is needed not only for drinking, but also cooking, cleaning, and sanitizing. The problem is that even if water is available during or after a disaster situation, it might not be clean or filtered in order to ensure its safety. Fortunately, there is an interesting and unique idea for helping filter and clean your available water supplies.

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Survival Q&A

Posted by Devin Peterson on 8/17/2013 to Outdoor Survival

Questions and AnswetsThis articles' topics include packing food and water in a bug-out kit, learning local wild edibles, and how to clean your tent.
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Finding Directions with a Shadow Stick

Posted by Devin Peterson on 7/30/2013 to Signals & Navigation

Sun CompassFind your bearings by creating a compass out of nothing more than a stick...
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The Principles of Bushcraft Survival

Posted by Devin Peterson on 6/13/2013 to Outdoor Survival

Bushcraft ShelterWe're always trying to learn new things like how to make the most efficient shelters, obscure ways to start fires, and seeking unfamiliar places to find food. But there's a broader sense of wilderness living that we should make sure we fully understand before delving too deep in the arts of bushcraft.
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