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Random Survival Tips (11-20)

Posted by on 2/12/2013 to Outdoor Survival

These tips have been gathered from followers among our social media pages, our blog, and our newsletter. Some contributors are also friends and affiliates of ours within the survival and prepping community. Here is the 2nd edition, which features random survival tips #11 through 20. Enjoy!

(Read 1-10 here)

11. Your knife can 'run out'. Basically, if you really want to plan for a survival situation, don't use your knife to the point it becomes dull. Les Stroud pointed out the mistake he made once when he used his knife for everything, and by day 3 or 4 of his expedition, his knife became dull and useless, preventing him from completing certain necessary tasks. He advises now, that if you don't need to use your knife, and have another tool or technique at your disposal, use that instead. (Les, interview)

Survival stick

12. A stick is a great multi-purpose tool. Not every stick is efficient, so when you find one that is just the right length, the right thickness, and not too dead or brittle, save it. Some uses can include digging, trekking assistance, reaching, protection, hammering, or sharpen to a spear, use as part of a trap or shelter, etc... (Dustin, blog)

13. Field test items you may actually need in a survival scenario. When developing your own survival kit, or even if you've purchased a pre-made kit, the one thing to do which is essential is to make sure each item is checked and when possible, tested. Familiarize yourself with each item - check & test EVERYTHING as your life may depend on it. (Paul Morris, G+)

14. When preparing for a long trek, heavy boots provide stability, light boots provide mobility. Not every person would require the same footwear on the same trek. Well, some people don't require any footwear at all! (Cody Lundin...) So, even in a rocky, rough terrain, one might need the ankle support and protection a heavy duty boot would provide, while the next person would be better off with lighter boots to more easily maneuver around obstacles. This is all dependent on personal preference and ability. Don't let anyone else demand otherwise, there's a 50-50 chance they could be wrong if they aren't familiar with your own ability, comfort level, and preference.

15. Don't drink your pee, there are better ways to reuse it! If you have the knowledge to build a simple solar still, then urinate into the region of the still where moisture is being evaporated from. (PA Preppers, facebook) - Read more on 'Drinking Urine'.

16. Everyone deserves a luxury item. You know, being in a survival situation doesn't mean your'e constantly busy, in fact it's quite the contrary. You usually have nothing to do, especially once you took care of the essentials. Some people recommend bringing something that simply passes the time. A deck of cards, a book, set of throwing knives for fun, the list goes on. (SCS Newsletter)

17. Don't put TOO MUCH effort into food procurement. Joe Teti says it well, every decision is based on a risk/reward premise. Although he takes extreme measures to hunt game and climb tall slippery trees for a few nuts, you have to make sure you get out more than you put in, otherwise it's totally not worth it. Remember, the main purpose of food procurement is to gain energy. Active hunting and taking extreme measures to procure food uses significant amounts of energy. Instead, use passive methods such as trapping, fishing and gathering. (Joe and Cody, Dual Survival)

18. Hygiene is extremely important to your health, don't ignore it. Insanitary conditions can greatly weaken your immune system, which is already compromised in a stressful situation. Getting sick can exponentially hurt your chances of making it out alive. Don't use dirty utensils and dishware, keep even minor cuts and scratches clean and covered, this seems obvious but is too often overlooked. (SCS blog guest post)

Pencil sharpener for survival
19. A pencil sharpener makes useful fire tinder
. Add one to your fire starting kit! (Nate Youse, facebook)

20. Mother Nature provides lots of insulation. When you suffer from cold temperatures and your immediate shelter and clothing is insufficient just look around. Lots of soft plant material, dead or alive, can act as great insulation you can stuff in your bedding and clothing and around your shelter. Dead material is best due to the low moisture levels and because the act of decomposition creates a small amount of heat that can be absorbed. (Matt Strunk, user video)

Thanks for reading and contributing to our 2nd edition of Random Survival Tips! These tips have been gathered and collected from many sources and individuals of the survival and prepping community. You can contribute your own by submitting comments and following us on our social media.

Recommended Survival Gear by Skip and Cliff: Bivouac Shelter - Weather Alert Radio - Fire Starters

"A true survival scenario will tax you beyond belief on all levels of your humanity, and one of the first things to go down the toilet will be your fine and complex motor skills" - Lundin

Blog Comments
Mike Franklin Date 2/15/2013
Cheat. Take every advantage. Carry extra stuff in your pocket. Put matches in your hat band. Keep a sandwich bag in your other pocket. It's ok to cheat to survive. However, never cheat your partner if you have one, it is ok to cheat and have a partner.
Teri Date 2/15/2013
i really like the pencil sharpener. all very good advice. ty
Belinda Date 2/17/2013
I also have a pencil sharpener in my bob.....with a little 550 cord you can make a bow...the pencil sharpener with also make good sharp biggest thing is multi uses....I look at everything and then ask my self what else can I do with this....? also , after your bob is packed , take a good long hike and see if it's manageable ....
Wayne Date 2/18/2013
Direction finding. Its easy to find your compass points. All you need is a straight stick an open area of light and a watch. Put the stick in the ground pointed straight up, at noon start paying attention to the stick, the shadow that it forms will point to the east, face away from the shadow and to your right will be north straight ahead will be west and to your left will be south. It doesn't even have to be a bright sunny day, just enough to cast shadows
David Jansze Jr. Date 2/21/2013
It's always best to be prepared for the unexpected, and these Survival Tips certainly help.
Vicente Mision Date 1/29/2014
Just started reading some information tonight. I like this site.
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