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Wooden Rat Trap (2 piece)

Wooden Rat Trap (2 piece)
Emergency Food Procurement Tool
Emergency Food Procurement Tool Pack of 2

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2 rat traps w/ wire snare and wood base

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DDI 2 Pc Wooden Rat Traps with Wire Snare

Wood-base rat/mouse trap with spring-loaded wire snap and metal trip petal. Can be used to catch and kill rodents such at rats, mice, moles and even larger animals like squirrels. This can be an extremely useful tool for emergency food procurement, although is primarily used for eradication.

This trap should be kept in any bug out bag or survival cache. It's small size and effectiveness make it a great way to capture food when needed. Please note that it is extremely important to properly prepare and thoroughly cook any type of wild game, particular rodent.

Additional notes: A rat trap is more powerful than a mousetrap, and is capable of breaking or injuring a person's finger. Use with caution.

Rat's can learn to stay away from a trap if it has seen the effects on a younger less experienced rat. You can use loose grass or crumbled leaves to camouflage and disguise the base of the trap so that the animal does not catch on as quickly and you can continue trapping.

Manufacturer Part#: 788394

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