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Instructions on back
Instructions on back Match + Fire Stick Diamond Matches
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Strikes like a match fire starter - Self kindling/tinder

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Diamond Strike-A-Fire Firestarters

No need for additional fire starting supplies. The Strike-A-Fire is its own match, striker and tinder. Just provide the proper kindling and fuel to get the fire going. This product burns clean and is odorless. Continuous flames for 12 minutes with no flare ups.

Comes with 8 self-starting fire sticks. Strike fire stick on back of the box to ignite. This product is a match and a fire stick in one! Lights quickly and easily. 

Great for campfires, grills, fire places, outdoors and emergency preparedness. Bring it camping for a convenient and reliable means of fire starting. Product of Diamond brand's fire starting tools. Instructions printed on the back of match box.

Manufacturer Part#: LIB372218

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Categories: "Home & Garden > Fireplace & Wood Stove Accessories > Firewood & Fuel"
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