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Wenzel Sunward Sleeping Bag

Wenzel Sunward Sleeping Bag
Keeps you warm in as low as 30 Degrees!
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Sunward Rectangular Sleeping Bag
30 degree F Temperature Rating

Sleeping Bag Features:
  • Velcro tab with embroidered logo secures zipper
  • Quilt thru construction
  • Filled with non-allergenic Insul-Therm polyester
  • Self-repairing coil zipper
Wenzel Sunward Sleeping Bag Specifications:
Size: 33 in. x 77 in.
Fill: Insul-Therm
Fill Weight: 4 lbs.
Outer: Polyester
Liner: Soft polyester pongee
Storage: 2 elastic straps for bundling

Features & Benefits of Wenzel Sleeping Bags:

Wenzel offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, temperature ratings, and fabrics to ensure a good night sleep. See below for how to select a sleeping bag:

Temperature rating:

  • The sleeping bag you select should be rated to the coldest nighttime temperature you expect to encounter, and consider exceeding that number for a little security. Keep in mind that temperature ratings are for comparison only from one sleeping bag to another. One's comfort and protection from weather is affected by season of use and land elevation, shelter, and other factors. Temperature ratings are given as guidelines only, not a guarantee. The final warmth factor is dependent upon one's body metabolism, health, emotional state, as well as ground temperature, wind, humidity, shelter, and altitude. When in doubt, purchase a sleeping bag with more warmth than you think you will need, you can always unzip the bag for ventilation.
  • Consider putting a camping pad or mat beneath your sleepign bag, it not only adds cushion but more importantly, the pad insulates your body from the cold surfaces beneath you. The sleeping bag traps the air warmed by your body, and the pad buffers you from the cold ground.
  • Clothing worn when sleeping needs to be dry and clean, any moisture in your clothing can keep your body colder while sleeping so it is always a good idea to change into a new set of clothes before going to bed.
  • If your bag has a hood, cinch up the hood for additional warmth while sleeping.

Bag Shape

Comfort is the primary importance when selecting a sleeping bag and the shape of the bag affect the comfort level. Comfort needs to be looked at in respect of not only the roominess in a bag but the thermal efficiency.

  • Rectangular shape bag offers bed-like roominess and can be unzipped and used as a comforter, excellent for family camping use and backpacking. Rectangular bags come in different sizes including youth, adult, and oversize.
  • Mummy shape is the most thermally efficient and fits the body contours starting at the head and down to the feet. This shape allows the least amount of bag for the most amount of warmth. This shape features compactability, easy transportation, three or four season use, and the optimum weight to warmth ratio.


Wenzel offers a wide variety of outer and liner materials and usually a personal choice. While polyester outers are lightweight and more compactable, poly/cotton and cotton duck outers are more rugged where weight is not a concern. Liner fabrics range from lightweight and compactable polyesters to cotton flannels for a softer and warmer feel. Insulation provides the barrier to trap your body heat and Wenzel?s fiberfill?s are non-allergenic, provides some insulation value when wet and dries quickly.

Care Instruction For Your Wenzel Sleeping Bag

  • Washing - machine wash cold using mild detergent in a front loading commercial washer. Top load agitator washing machines can damage a sleeping bag.
  • Drying - Use a commercial dryer on low setting or air dry.
  • Do Not Dry Clean - drying cleaning can damage your sleeping bag.
  • Storing - when storing your bag for extended periods of time, do not leave it compressed in stuff sack. Instead place the bag in a larger storage bag, lie loosely on a shelf, or hang your bag in a closet.
  • Stuffing Your Sleeping Bag - the best way to stuff your sleeping bag is to grab the top of the stuff sack with one hand, place the bottom of the stuff sack between your feet. Grab the foot of the sleeping bag with your extra hand and stuff it into the bottom of the sack. Grab the next section higher up and continue to stuff until the bag is all the way in.

Manufacturer Part#: 49235

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