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Miscellaneous Supplies

Prepare yourself for fires, floods and other natural disasters. Ready your home for when the worst is to come. Get you and your family out alive by making sure you have the tools needed to survive.

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Earthquake and Flood
Earthquake and Flood

Survival Gear For All Natural or Man-Made Disasters.

Fire and Radioactivity
Fire and Radioactivity

Nuclear radiation IOSAT tablets - Fire Extinguishers - Fire Suits - Gas Masks

Vehicle Tools
Vehicle Tools

Auto Tools - Spare Parts - Vehicle Preparedness

Writing Instruments
Writing Instruments

Tactical Pens - Writing Utensils - Pencil Sharpeners - Specialty Paper

Toys and Games
Toys and Games

Playing cards, toys and games to help pass the time!

Power Supplies
Power Supplies

Battery and Device Chargers - Back Up Generators - Power Sources


Survival Gear Discussion

What is the difference between a Survival Kit and a Bug Out Bag?

A bug out bag is also known as a 72-hour kit. It is essentially a short term survival kit. It usually contains only a few essential items and must be portable. Water, food, first aid supplies, and communication and signalling devices are a few examples of items required in a bug out bag.

A Survival Kit is a much more long term resource of tools and supplies. Instead of providing the most immediate survival necessities it generally provides tools and supplies that allow you to obtain your survival needs for a longer, more sustaining amount of time. Items in a survival kit may include a knife, shelter, tools for creating fire, and like a bug-out bag, signalling and communication devices.

For ideas about what you might like in your personal survival kit or bug out bag, check out this article on the Top 10 Survival Tools.

Why 72 Hours?

72 hours, or 3 days, is the average time it takes a search and rescue team (SAR) to find someone. This is why a basic emergency kit or bug out bag is based on 72 hours (3 days).