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Bear Grylls Survival Torch

Bear Grylls Survival Torch
Bright Water Resistant Light
Bright Water Resistant Light Stores Matches and Fire Tinder Designed by Bear Grylls - Gerber Made
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Flashlight by Gerber Bear Grylls

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Bear Grylls Survival Torch Flashlight

A powerful and rugged flashlight with a water resistant casing made of a super grippy rubberized material. The Survival Torch features a capsule that can hold other important survival gear or tools like matches or tinder. Designed with a survival safety net, the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Torch is more than just a flashlight with 20-36 hours of burn time, it is a lifeline.

Survival Torch Details:
  • Water resistant
  • Compact
  • Can store matches and tinder
  • Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival Guide included
  • 24 Lumen - Up to 36 hour run time - 6" x 4 oz - 2 AA batteries
  • Made by Gerber Gear
A flashlight like the Bear Grylls Survival Torch light is an essential tool for outdoor survival and emergency preparedness. Lighting is a necessity that can save your life in many ways either by allowing you to complete important tasks in the dark like building a fire or shelter, or by aiding in sending out rescue signals. A flashlight has many practical everyday uses in addition to survival needs.

Manufacturer Part#: 31-001031

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