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Turboflame Military

Turboflame Military
Powerful Jet-like Blow Torch
Powerful Jet-like Blow Torch Made by Turbo Flame
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Military style lighter

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Turboflame Military Lighter

This isn't just a lighter, it's a mini blowtorch. The powerful jet-like flame blasts incredible heat of 1300° Celsius. Just like the original Turboflame, the military version is essential for any survivalists' pack. The flame lock mechanism allows a continuous torch that can be held for up to 10 minutes without overheating or damage to the lighter. The Turboflame Military burns clean, which means you can burn synthetic materials without leaving the residue of a black carbon deposits. This incredible lighter has many aspects that make it one of the best lighters you can get.

Turboflame Lighter Features:

  • Soft rubber coating for easy grip
  • 1300 C jet flame precision torch
  • Lock-on-flame
  • 10 minutes continuous use
  • Ideal for lighting HEXI blocks
  • Works even in extreme weather
  • Clean burn technology
  • Works up to 3000 m (12,000 feet)
  • New military colors
  • Weight: 85 grams
  • Size: 7.8 cm x 3 cm
  • Turboflame Lighters

Innovative Uses of the Military Turboflame Lighter:

  • Sealing micro-cracks in boards and canoes
  • Cutting and sealing PARA rope (paracord)
  • Melting p-tex
  • Safety lighting fuel tabs
  • Blasting rust from metals
  • Starting fires
A must have survival tool for any emergency kit, bug out bag, or tactical arsenal. Goes perfectly with a pocket-knife and flashlight! 

How Others Use the TurboFlame Military Lighter:

"Indispensable to archers for removing brass or steel points epoxied to wooden shafts"

"The perfect outdoor lighter, lights your stove when camping even in high winds. I also used it to repair a venetian blind!"

"Not the least bit flimsy, entirely 'self-combust' proof also"

"I'm simply using mine as a cigar torch. It's like a handy pocket blow torch"

Tell us how YOU use your Turboflame!

Manufacturer Part#: GXRZ

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