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Cold Steel - Warrior's Edge DVD Set

Cold Steel - Warrior's Edge DVD Set
Warrior's Edge
Warrior's Edge Learn Valuble Self Defense Moves
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Knife fighting instruction video for self defense and protection of others in serious disputes where an attacker pulls a knife.

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Cold Steel Knife Fighting Video

Have you ever heard the saying: "If you get in a knife fight, expect to be cut."? This saying condemns even the highly skilled knife fighter to be wounded, disfigured, disabled or even killed if ever forced to use his training in real life. This is where this DVD comes into play. For the past ten years, Lynn C. Thompson has spent an enormous amount of time in full contact sparring with his training partners to develop a knife fighting method that allows the properly trained fighter to vanquish his enemy with minimal risk of being cut or stabbed in the process. During this developmental period he has borrowed heavily from Western Fencing, and Filipino Martial Arts, including Lameco Escrima, Japanese Ken Jitsu, and Western Boxing as well. Lynn C. Thompson has even added techniques and methods that are entirely his own.

The result of this effort is a knife fighting method which stresses the avoidance of close range in favor of long range techniques aided by footwork, rhythm, timing, speed and superior tactics and strategy. All of these various techniques have been put into these 3 DVD's. Now you can study, and train in the comfort and convenience of your own home. What's more, Lynn C. Thompson guarantees that if you study these DVD's faithfully and practice diligently with a training partner you will gain the skill and ability necessary to give you a huge advantage if ever forced to defend your life or a loved one's with a fighting knife. Don't just get the edge, get the Warrior's Edge.

Survival Tip: This is a great DVD to get to learn self defense skills in the case of a knife fight. But always remember, this is for SELF DEFENSE only. You should avoid any confrontation when possible.

Manufacturer Part#: B000PW9W3Y

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