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Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets

Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets
Ultra light - Reliable - Convenient
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Chlorine dioxide water purification tablets

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Water Purification Tablets - Chlorine Dioxide

These tabs will kill:

  • Giardia
  • Viruses
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Bacteria

Individually sealed packs of water treatment tablets (child resistant) are perfect for the outdoor adventurer. Weekend hikes, camping trips, hunting and fishing can all benefit from carrying these emergency water purifiers. The 12 and 24 tablet packs are designed for 72-hour survival kits. The packets weigh almost nothing and come in a resealable pouch. One tablet purifies one liter of water (32 ounce).

How It Works:

The chlorine dioxide formula provides disinfection by releasing nascent oxygen which is the germicidal agent. This chemical is chlorine and iodine free, which can be potentially hazardous to human health. Aquamira's Water Purifier Tabs are completely safe.

Unlike other water treatment tabs, the chlorine dioxide does not alter the color, taste or smell of the water. In fact, it actually makes it taste better despite the amazing power of killing unwanted pathogens

Use For: Foreign travel, anything outdoors, and emergency preparedness.

This product is an EPA registered and approved water treatment system. Aquamira has been a trusted brand for many years by the military, agricultural world, government, and consumer. Made in USA.

Manufacturer Part#: 11730

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