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What To Do During a Tropical or Thunder Storm

Posted by on 8/25/2011 to Emergency Preparedness

Many people die every year during thunder storms or tropical storms because of avoidable conditions. Lightning, wind, and rain are a few things that cause such accidents, but there are precautions you can take to prevent these things from hurting you and your family. Below is a list of things you should and should not do during a storm.
Things to do BEFORE a storm:
  • Be prepared beforehand, check out our Emergency Gear Checklist for a list of all the essential survival tools you may need.
  • Keep updated with current conditions by radio or news channels. Keep your cell phone device nearby and charged. (Phones with cords should not be used)
  • Secure or bring in all outdoor furniture and items, keep trees and plants trimmed, cover windows with storm shutters or plywood.
  • Turn off utilities (except refrigerator) and propane tanks.

Things to do DURING a storm:

  • Stay inside, preferably downstairs and away from outside walls and windows.
  • Avoid "natural lightning rods" like trees in open fields and small sheds, golf clubs, carts, bicycles, hill tops, etc...
  • If driving, stay in your car. It is not the rubber that protects you, it is being on the inside of a metal shell. Electric charge is only present on the outside of a metal shell.
  • Avoid using water as sometimes charge can flow through the pipe system and into a bathtub or sink.
  • Turn of power appliances to prevent surges.
  • Keep updated on weather conditions.

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