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Why Prep?

Posted by on 9/13/2012 to Emergency Preparedness

Why should you engage in emergency preparedness? Just to be clear, emergency preparedness is simply the act of planning a course of action for emergency situations and disasters. Many people in our country do not plan far enough ahead to be properly prepared for several types of disasters and emergencies. Some reasons why people DON'T prep may include the following:
  • Unnecessary
  • Don't have time or resources
  • Costs too much money
  • Unaware of risks of not prepping
  • Unaware of ways to prep
This next section includes a list of reasons why you should prep, that can hopefully offset any of the reasons why people don't prep.
  • Prepping is absolutely necessary. You might think that the numbers indicate that the chances of finding yourself in a survival or emergency situation at home, in your car or at work is slim, but this may not actually be the case. Every year, new and unexpected trends emerge in the world around us. In 2012 alone, we have experienced an unusual increase in hurricane activity, extremely high gas prices and inflated food prices. Not to mention the threat of terrorism and nuclear war are ALWAYS increasing as more and more groups gain access to weapons of mass destruction. The world is never a tranquil place. It may seem like it in certain areas for brief amounts of time, but eventually the inevitable will strike.
  • Prepping can be very simple and cost effective. The best way to go about prepping is to do it slowly and take care of essentials first. Ask yourself what are the absolute basics of prepping. Chances are most sources will tell you that food, water and warmth is all you need. With that you can invest in a few days worth of long term food and water supplies, plus an emergency blanket and some fire starting tool. This might cost about $20-30 to start. This is practically affordable for anyone. Overtime, you can add to the collection of useful tools, in addition to making plans, perhaps escape routes, bunkers, caches and so on. This isn't something you have to sit down and spend hours planning and forking over wads of cash for all the top survival gear you might need. This is just a few minutes of your time, planning a simple strategy and making sure you stock up on at least the very basics.
  • Resources are everywhere on the web. is a great site for free information about planning an emergency preparedness and survival strategy. They can supply you with all the knowledge you need about any potential risks. You can also get ideas from your region's .gov site and even our own blog here at Survival Camping Store!
Thank you for reading! Share your thoughts!

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We know survival does not begin or end with the gear and tools you have at hand, but the knowledge you have in mind.