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Waxed Tinder Sticks

Waxed Tinder Sticks
8 Waxed Cotton Sticks
8 Waxed Cotton Sticks Fray end before use for maximum effectiveness Works well as replacement for Zippo Emergency Fire Kit
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Zippo tinder for fire starter kit

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Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Replacement Tinder

These tinder sticks are meant to be used with the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit. They are water resistant and will help get any fire started. It's important to always keep replacements on hand; the extra warmth can certainly provide a life saving advantage in cold weather. These wax-covered sticks are ideal for the serious outdoor enthusiast.

Zippo Waxed Tinder Features:

  • Compatible with Zippo Emergency Fire Starter
  • Waxed and water resistant
  • 8 sticks included
  • Replacement product
  • Made in USA
  • Zippo outdoor line
These tinder sticks can also be used for other basic fire starting tools. Lighters, matches, flint strikers and magnesium bars are all compatible tools to help get a fire started with this Zippo product. 

The bulk of these tinder sticks are made of basic cotton material.

Each stick measures about 1.5" x 0.2" x 0.1" and weighs 0.2 ounces

To use: Fray one end of the stick and place stick on a pile of kindling and add small amount of kindling over top without smothering, then light the stick with match, lighter or other fire starter.

This product is commonly described as "quick, easy and reliable." "Great for emergency survival kits and perfect to keep in your pack." "Lightweight and small."

Manufacturer Part#: 1TS-Z

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