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Top 3 Handguns for Self Defense in 2017

Posted by Andrey Korobitsin on 6/26/2017 to Self Defense

It took a horrible act of terrorism for people of America to realize the importance of self-defense. In the wake of the September 11 attacks, Larry Prat of the Gun Owners of America put it best in his article when he stated, "One of the good things that have occurred in the wake of the murderous terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, has been that a growing number of Americans are realizing the importance of self-defense. Important, because more than ever people are realizing that the government cannot protect them." The reason to start off so bluntly is that, even with this realization, lots of people are still scared to learn how to use handguns for self-defense. If it comes down to it, knowing this skill can be a lifesaving skill. That is the purpose of this article, to inform you as much as possible of the best handguns for learning this skill. With all of that said, here are the top three handguns for self-defense.
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6 Things You Should Know About Urban Deer Hunting

Posted by Jennifer Walls on 6/2/2017 to Food Procurement

Even if you are an experienced deer hunter, chances are urban deer hunting is a new idea for you. Most hunters grew up taking trips deep into the woods, tracking their elusive prey across wide tracts of wilderness, and following the faintest of game trails. Today, however, you can often find the same deer roaming the suburbs, seemingly oblivious to human activity all around them. Urban deer hunting presents a unique and interesting set of challenges, and if you are up to try this modern sport you will have to learn some new tactics.

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Top 8 Must Have Camping Gear for a Beginner

Posted by Warren Kuhn on 5/18/2017 to Recreational

If you are new to camping, you will always tend to visit a camping store looking for ideas about the best gear to buy for yourself. The problem is that at the camping store you get to meet all kinds of tools and gear. Not all of them might be necessary for your trip, but some people end up getting them anyway.

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9 Expert Tips For Pistol Shooting That Might Help You Some Day

Posted by Joseph Gleason on 4/2/2017 to Self Defense

Not everybody in possession of a pistol knows how to use it. The best shooters do it with accuracy and great precision. They rarely miss the target. A pistol is both a useful and dangerous weapon. It can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use. It is mainly used for self defence. If you are attacked by people who threaten your life and that of your family members, you can use it.
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What Type of Camping is Best for Hunting?

Posted by Brandon Cox on 3/10/2017 to Food Procurement

camping while hunting

You’ve probably come across this article because you want to know where you should camp while you’re hunting. Or, you want to know what type of camping you should do. Unfortunately, there isn’t a blanket answer that can be applied to this situation. Instead you must answer a variety of questions before you can think about what type of camping is best for hunting. Answer the questions below and then consider our camping suggestions.

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Best Cheap Camping Tents for you to take when camping

Posted by Devin Peterson on 12/20/2016 to Shelter and Warmth

cheap low cost tent for campingCamping can be a true stress reliever and it can bring people together, especially in this highly technologized world. Even more, it is healthy to go camping and quite entertaining if you bring the right gear (and friends).
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How to Waterproof Boots - Natural Oils, Creams and Wax

Posted by Devin Peterson on 11/23/2016 to Shelter and Warmth

NatureDid you know there is a simple, affordable and very effective way to waterproof your boots? No need to spend 2 to 3 times as much money on waterproof boots that can often be lower quality when you can simply make your current pair of boots that you know and trust, water resistant!
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How to Survive Being Lost in the Woods: Tips & Tricks that May Save Your life

Posted by Devin Peterson on 11/16/2016 to Outdoor Survival

NatureMany of us head out into the woods or the wilderness to “lose ourselves” in the beauty of Mother Nature, but this stops being fun and can become horrible if we are unlucky enough to actually get lost while out there.
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