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Zombie Survival Gear Basics

Posted by Devin Peterson on 1/20/2014 to Self Defense

Zombie HandsWe'll break down the basic tools and equipment you'll need at the very least to ward off a zombie apocalypse. Of course you're going to want to wield a huge machete, but what else should you carry besides weapons when fending off hoards of the undead?
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Deer Runs Loose at Dick's Sporting Goods

Posted by Devin Peterson on 12/26/2013 to News

Deers runs in Dicks

A deer casually walks into Dick's Sporting Goods on his way back to North Pole...I guess he wanted to return his Under Armour hoodie.

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Disaster News Spreads: Americans Bugging Out

Posted by Devin Peterson on 12/22/2013 to News

Preparing to Bug Out

New influx of 'bugging out' due to recent news that have alerted many Americans of potential disasters. Numerous wealthy Americans have reported setting up bug-out locations outside of the U.S.

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Ranger Bands

Posted by Devin Peterson on 12/12/2013 to Emergency Preparedness

Ranger Band

Ranger bands are described as "rubber bands on steroids. They are typically made from old bike tire inner tubes and have nearly a million uses.

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Survival Q&A

Posted by Devin Peterson on 8/17/2013 to Outdoor Survival

Questions and AnswetsThis articles' topics include packing food and water in a bug-out kit, learning local wild edibles, and how to clean your tent.
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Practical Self Defense Melee Weapons

Posted by Devin Peterson on 8/6/2013 to Self Defense


There are lots of weapons one could use for self defense purposes. Weapons designed for hand-to-hand combat can have many advantages over long-range weapons like bows or slingshots. This list discusses several common melee weapons for self defense purposes.

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Finding Directions with a Shadow Stick

Posted by Devin Peterson on 7/30/2013 to Signals & Navigation

Sun CompassFind your bearings by creating a compass out of nothing more than a stick...
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How to Set Up a Deadfall Trap

Posted by Devin Peterson on 7/24/2013 to Food Procurement

deadfallOne of the simplest and easiest animal traps is the famed "deadfall". It's principle is simple, a heavy object rests lightly on a loose support and when that support is bumped, the heavy object falls onto the prey, hopefully killing it instantly.
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Zombie Survival Gear Basics
Deer Runs Loose at Dick's Sporting Goods
Disaster News Spreads: Americans Bugging Out
Ranger Bands
Survival Q&A

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