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How To Use A Compass

Posted by Devin Peterson on 10/20/2011 to Signals & Navigation

how to use a compassUsing a compass is a very important survival and navigating technique. Everyone should understand map and compass reading basics, you never know when this skill can save your life, or help you win the next big orienteering competition!
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West Nile Virus

Posted by Devin Peterson on 10/13/2011 to Wild Animal & Insect

With a few recent yet mild outbreaks of West Nile Virus, we feel it is still important to be aware of a few facts about West Nile. Learn how to prevent mosquitos, symptoms of West Nile, treatment options, and susceptibility concerns.
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Top 10 Survival "Myths" That ARE NOT Myths!

Posted by Devin Peterson on 10/7/2011 to Outdoor Survival

False Myths!There are a lot of survival practices that have often been disregarded or labeled as myths... however many of these "myths" are actually TRUE and people are misinterpreting them.
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History Of Gerber

Posted by Matthew Strunk on 10/6/2011 to Survival Gear

When it comes to choosing what knife to go with. There are a lot of questions to ask. We show you why Gerber Legendary Blades should be one of your top choices for your Survival Knife, Machete, Saw, Axe, and much more.
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Outdoor Backpacks - The Ins and Outs

Posted by Devin Peterson on 10/3/2011 to Survival Gear

Backpack TypesBackpacks are such an important survival tool for many outdoorsmen and survivalists. Learn all about the different backpack styles and their individual strengths and weaknesses. When should you choose external or internal frame packs?
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We know survival does not begin or end with the gear and tools you have at hand, but the knowledge you have in mind.