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How To Power Our World With Only Renewable Energy

Posted by Devin Peterson on 2/28/2012 to News

Using Solar Energey and Other Renewable ResourcesWhy our country is still focusing on using oil and other non-renewable energy sources is beyond my understanding. Incredible efforts are being put into extending the availablity of fossil fuels and such. This is wasted effort in the realm of human existence. We should really do something else. Here are a few ideas...
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Fire Starting - Top 8 Reasons for Having Fire

Posted by Devin Peterson on 2/21/2012 to Fire Starting

Fire Starting SurvivalSo why should you start a fire? Well there's a pretty big list full of very good reasons to build a fire in any survival situation. Most people know the obvious features like providing warmth and light. But we'll break it down a little more detailed to show you even more reasons, and WHY those aspects of fire starting are important for survival.
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What is Orienteering?

Posted by Devin Peterson on 2/15/2012 to Recreational

Orienteering ControlOrienteering requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at speed. Orienteering can be done with a team or by oneself.
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Ways to Disinfect, Filter and Purify Your Water

Posted by Devin Peterson on 2/7/2012 to Water and Hydration

Water Purification TechniquesPurifying your water in a survival or emergency situation is crucial, even when the water looks clean. We'll discuss a variety of ways to filter and disinfect your water using different methods and various tools.
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We know survival does not begin or end with the gear and tools you have at hand, but the knowledge you have in mind.