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Ideas For Emergency Fire Tinder

Posted by Devin Peterson on 4/23/2012 to Shelter and Warmth

Starting a fire with home made tinderHaving tinder is essential for starting a fire. Sometimes it can be really hard to find the right material that will ignite with a mere spark. You don't have to spend money on quality fire tinder when you may have all the tinder you need around the house or outside...
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Tips for Conserving Water in Your Body

Posted by Devin Peterson on 4/21/2012 to Water and Hydration

Help Your Body Retain WaterLearn some basic tips to help prolong the water you have during an emergency or survival situation. Many of these techniques go overlooked and can cause you to waste days worth of life-saving drinking water.
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Foreign Policy

Posted by Devin Peterson on 4/14/2012 to News

Government SurvivalAn essay on how our country's government and other governments interact with eachother. Foreign Policy is an important concept that plays a major role in the future of society. Our survival as a civilization stems from issues discussed here. This article is a different take from our normal set of survival and emergency related articles, but still raises important points.
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We know survival does not begin or end with the gear and tools you have at hand, but the knowledge you have in mind.