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Drunk Survival Tips

Posted by Devin Peterson on 8/30/2012 to Survival Humor

Beer GogglesListen, we all (at least some of us) have a little too much to drink at times. Alcohol impairs our ability to do anything. We suck at accomplishing tasks and critical thinking when we're drunk, so keep this guide with you at all times when you plan on drinking and might also end up in a survival situation. By the way, this post is totally not serious, but keep reading...
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Avoiding Illness in a Survival Situation

Posted by Devin Peterson on 8/23/2012 to First Aid and Medical

Prevent Illness in WildThe possibility of getting sick in a survival situation is a very serious threat. The chances are increased due to many factors like stress, malnutrition and exposure. Here is a short list of techniques and practices to help prevent getting ill while in the midst of a survival situation.
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How to Keep a Fire Going in the Rain

Posted by Devin Peterson on 8/1/2012 to Fire Starting

Survival Fire in RainOn a recent backpacking adventure, it began to rain very hard just as we were setting up our campsite. A lot of our items had gotten wet because we were not properly prepared. I soon realized that keeping the fire going, so long as it was possible, was a much needed procedure...
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We know survival does not begin or end with the gear and tools you have at hand, but the knowledge you have in mind.