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Blow Torch Fire Starter

Blow Torch Fire Starter
Mini Blow Torch for Survival
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Small survival blow torch.

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Survival Blow Torch

A small adjustable blow torch designed to be portable and light weight for those in need of a serious fire starting tool. The Blow Torch reaches temperatures of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and features a bright blue flame that can be used in any direction. Th multi-functional torch can also be used with other butane containers making it just that much more convenient. The simple push button starts the hot flames ignition and the whole device weighs only 8.75 ounces.

Uses for the Blow Torch:

- Help cooking in the kitchen and outdoor.

- Start campfires or light your lanterns and candles.

- Build emergency fires for warmth, protection and water purification for survival.

- Temporary light when reading a map at night or performing night time tasks.

- Cauterize wounds and injuries.

Also known as a blowlamp, a blowtorch is often used when a more widespread flame is required, as opposed to a condensed flame which often yields higher temperatures. This is particularly useful for campfire starting due to the fact that a wide surface area catches adjacent materials more efficiently and a 'super high' temperature is rarely needed when lighting natural tinder.

Manufacturer Part#: 134044995

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