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Disaster News Spreads: Americans Bugging Out

Posted by on 12/22/2013 to News

An alarming number of reports have recently surfaced, all of which are indicative of potentially terrifying news. Many of these recent articles and video documents mention the grim possibilities of nuclear war, economic meltdowns, and natural disasters. Of course, Preppers have been saying "Well, yea.. Duh!", this whole time.

Americans Respond to News by Initiating Bug-Out Locations

Preparing to Bug Out

In response to the influx of ominous news, many U.S. citizens (particularly the wealthy) have reportedly begun devising bug-out strategies complete with ready-to-go kits, long term food caches, and hidden locations of which to flee when needed. The Prepper Community is very interesting in that there is not one organization that retains authority over the community like many other groups and niches. However, the community is vast and intertwined. Podcasts, small websites, radio news, and other medias allow everyone to be virtually connected, so when word gets out about new activity in the prepper community, it spreads fast with minimal traceability. After all, preppers love their privacy.

Alarming News Alerts

Below is a list of recent headlines and discussions that have been broadcast in one way or another. Some of these alerts have been intercepted and shared with others despite the risks. Please be careful with the following information

Merry Xmas (2013) as Millions Lose Benefits

Unemployment benefits are being cut seemingly out of nowhere just before the holiday season. What's that about? Homeless are being placed "FEMA Camps" which some refer to as "Internment Camps". In related news, gun shootings are up.

Comet ISON Vanishes

We don't really know what this implies but there is a lot of speculation. Even NASA isn't sure, this information is straight from the Hubble Telescope.

Renegade Currency (Bitcoin) Worrys Feds

We are huge proponents of the virtual currency, but it has gotten some bad rep especially because of Silk Road, although that beast has been temporarily tamed. We still feel Bitcoin has a real altruistic value in future society.

EMP Drills Are Huge Failure

Electromagnetic pulses are a real enough threat that Grid Ex decided to have emergency tests for when the power grid fails. Well, the test itself failed. What does this imply for when the grid really does go down?

Nukes on the Loose: Possible EMP Strike

This headline is directly related to the headline above. Afters new of America's failed emergency test, the enemies of the U.S. have honed in on this vulnerability and may attempt to exploit this weakness. This means possible enemy attacks on our power grid system, but that is not what's to fear. It's what may happen AFTER the enemy has successfully disabled the power grid.

Russian Troops Occupy American Soil

For some reason, Russian troops are occupying parts of the U.S.Here's the catch, the Russian troops are merely emergency management specialists as cited by Fact Check.

Some other news headlines to enter the prepper community include:

No Right to Privacy for Americans: The U.S. government is stingier than ever when it comes to surveillance.

Martial Law Proposals in Effect for 2014: Martial law is the imposition of military Power over designated regions on an emergency basis.

Doomsday Prep Warning for Medicare and Medicaid: Why are these top-level organizations being informed NOW about potential emergency situations?

What Do You Make of This Series of News Casts?

Some of the most well informed and relied upon emergency organizations, prep communities, and survivalists have apparently "connected the dots", and these are the common news events having been cited in their warnings to the general public, advising many of us to take action. For those who have been preparing, you shall continue to do what you do, and learn each day about how to improve yourself and become notified in order to react accordingly. For the novices who are only finding out information like this now, begin by pursuing the basics. Get yourself a guide, may we recommend Cody Lundin? Start learning skills, start stockpiling survival gear, develop a cache site, invest in food plans, plan a bug-out route and escape strategy. Mentally prepare, physically do.

Further Insight By Famed Survivalist

"Most folks are prepared for 3 things:

  1. EMP Attacks
  2. Chemical Weapons
  3. Biological Warfare
The truth is that the chemical weapons attack are very unlikely due to the nature of each. The attacks are too concentrated to have a large overall effect. However, biological warfare is a serious threat. In addition, EMP attacks are almost guaranteed. Enemies will do anything possible to initiate such an attack, and that anything is possible.

People view this factual information as 'entertainment'. This can lead to a serious problem."

Ultimately, if millions of people, including many wealthy Americans, have begun developing a fully comprehensive bug-out strategy, why haven't you?

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