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Paracord Survival Dog Lead (6ft) Paracord Survival Dog Lead (6ft)

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Camp Alert Perimeter Security System

Camp Alert Perimeter Security System
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Electronic alarm system for camping.

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Brite Strike Camp Alert Perimeter Security and Survival Signaling System

A complete emergency system for camping, hunting, fishing and hiking. Protect the entire perimeter as you sleep with the alarm and trigger system. No more fear of a startled bear, wildcat or even other people. Not only will it alarm you of intruders, but it can also alarm others nearby that you are in trouble and need help. The reflective surface also provides a signaling mechanism much like a sign mirror would do. Bright, flashing lights and a loud noise is all you need for emergency notifications to both you and potential rescuers.

Security and Signaling System Features:

  • 135 decibel alarm module
  • Red LED flashlight
  • Blue LED lights for signaling
  • Two 10 meter coils of trip line
  • Nylon zip ties to securing module to trees and other fixtures
  • 8" strip of duct tape
  • Module includes peel off backing for sticking on surface
  • 2 Blue LED APALS with polished aluminum surface for signaling
  • Did we mention there are 2 trip lines? Oh yea we did!
  • Brite Strike

There are many ways to utilize this system of parts for your own protection and security. Set up and alarm system around the perimeter of your base or camp location. Use the light for night time reading (map reading) or display the bright strobe to signal for help. Alert your friends with the loud 135 db alarm system and much more!

-Works in day or night! - Small and compact (Fits in pocket) - Originally designed for Military applications

Manufacturer Part#: CAPSS3

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