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Dam-It-Up Bags

Dam-It-Up Bags
Flooding Control and Prevention System
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Flood control bags that provide instant protection.

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Dam-It-Up Flood Control Bags

Flooding is one of the most difficult types of disasters to prepare for and protect your home from. The physics of creating a sufficient dam is what makes this task difficult. But now there is a way to prevent water damage from floods, hurricanes, sewer leaks, plumbing problems and more. A set of large super absorbent bags can barricade the flow of water, preventing a current from reaching an undesirable location. Many people have tried using sand-filled bags before, which can only work to an extent. Sand bags leave many small creases for water to escape and worst of all, they are extremely large, heavy and expensive.

Dam-It-Up Bags are relatively small and light until they are used to "dam it up". A set of 25 weighs less than 22 pounds! The secret is in the Polymer SAP500 ingredient within each bag, making it super absorbent. The final kicker is that these bags are entirely reusable. That's right, once they've done their job and you need to move or relocate them, simply allow a couple days for them to dry and they will return to their compact and light form again.

Bag Features and Design:

  • Absorbent polymer is activated by water, allowing it to expand to a greater size - Up to 4" in height.
  • Individual length and width: 14" x 26"
  • Case includes 25 bags (Total weight of 21.74 lbs and measures 7" x 24" by 36")
  • Recyclable and Reusable

Superabsorbent Polymers - The SAP500 within these bags is often referred to as slush powder due to the physical properties when dry or wet. This material is used largely in commercial industries such as preventing water damage to underground communication cables. It's also used on a consumer level for products such as diapers and bed liners. The property known as 'swelling capacity' is the defining feature of this material and is what allows it to be such an effective flood barrier. Harness the power of a dam on your own property before it's too late!

Recommended Uses: Protect entry ways to your home - Divert the path of water flow - Block off door and window seals from rain and wind - Barricade garage doors and openings - Protect plumbing from causing a disaster - Place in drain pipe or toilet to prevent sewage leaks - Much more!

Tip: Properly positioned RPD (from homeowners kit) bags can be laid across a full size 2-car garage (200 feet). This will provide instant protection. When done, simply lay them out to dry for 3 days and they will be ready for use again.

Manufacturer Part#: 08-0434

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