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Deer Runs Loose at Dick's Sporting Goods

Posted by on 12/26/2013 to News

The day after Xmas many people return to the stores to do their usual returns for items that either don't fit or weren't quite what they wanted for whatever reason. But customers at Dick's Sporting Goods in Reading PA had quite a shock. One of Santa's reindeer must have lost their way on the trip back to the North Pole.

Surprised customers stood and watched as the deer suddenly dashed into the store, perhaps he thought he was at Cabela's? Regardless, he was confused to be surrounded by sports equipment and not camping gear (although Dick's does have a camping gear section).

The poor deer was spooked and startled so he made a run for the exit and unfortunately was too quick for the automatic opening doors, crashing snout first in to the glass. Who hasn't done that at least once?

The deer bonked his face pretty good without damaging the glass, however a bloody nose and some dizziness were the only effects on the deer. In this subdued state, rescuers were able to secure the deer and eventually release him back into the wild, where he presumably flew away to the North Pole to be reunited with his fellow reindeer crew.

No one was injured in the event, however it could have easily happened given how crowded the stores were that day.

The lesson we can take from this newscast is "Always be Prepared! - You never know when a deer will go rogue."

Blog Comments
Tristyn Date 12/27/2013
I saw this poor deer get hit by a fedex truck! Then ran down the road behind the truck! It kind of looked like the deer was chasing the truck for hitting him! It was a very strange sight! But anyways I saw it cutt through the parking lot! And then later that night my friend was on Instagram and saw that a man was tackling a deer inside dicks and I just started freaking out! I felt so bad for the poor deer! He was scared and didn't know where to go! Well the deer chose an awkward place for a deer to be but I hope they fixed the poor deer up and let it be free!
Devin Peterson Date 12/27/2013
As far as I know the deer was ok when it was 'escorted' out of the store. But it went through a pretty traumatic experience... Maybe we'll get an update soon.
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