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Expendables Kunai 3-Piece Thrower Set

Expendables Kunai 3-Piece Thrower Set
3 Piece Set
3 Piece Set Single Kunai Thrower
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3 kunai for throwing.

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United Cutlery 12" Triple Kunai Throwing Set w/ Sheath

Modeled after the exact throwers used in The Expendables, the movie. Perfectly balances and amazing accurate as shown by Lee Christmas himself. These giant sized throwing knives are made of top-of-the-line steel and sport a superior sharp double edge blade. Don't forget the custom nylon sheath, boot loop and leg strap for easy carrying and concealment options.

A kunai is originally a tool created by the Japanese, likely derived from the trowel. The difference is that is served many purposes due to the sharp edges and wide base which was ideal for digging, like a trowel. It also featured a loop at the end of the handle which was often used as an anchor point or part of a lashing or tethering system. It's rise in popularity really began in the Feudal Japan era where it was particularly useful as a self defense weapon and tactical tool. Adopted by ninja clans, the kunai was great for martial arts use, scaling, and puncturing. The ring also served as a pummel, and the handle was often wrapped with some type of cordage for even further uses.

Throwing Kunai Features:

  • Anodized double edge stainless steel blade - AUS-6
  • Cord-wrapped handle
  • Nylon belt sheath
    • Belt loop
    • Leg strap
  • Same design used in "The Expendables"
  • Certificate of Authenticity included
  • Overall length: 12"
  • Laser etched logo
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Finger hole
  • Single piece construction
  • United Cutlery

The kunai is often popularized in anime and manga cultures as the ideal ninjutsu weapon of choice. Any Naruto fan can see why though! The array of practical functions is just was a shinobi needs!

Piton - Grappling Hook - Knife - Trowel - Thrower - Crowbar - Anchor - Pummel

These are just some of the tools a simple kunai can replace in any scenario. It's no wonder you can find this item at a "Survival Gear" shop!

Manufacturer Part#: UC2772

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