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9 Expert Tips For Pistol Shooting That Might Help You Some Day

Posted by on 4/2/2017 to Self Defense

Not everybody in possession of a pistol knows how to use it. The best shooters do it with accuracy and great precision. They rarely miss the target. A pistol is both a useful and dangerous weapon. It can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use. It is mainly used for self defence. If you are attacked by people who threaten your life and that of your family members, you can use it.

Others shoot for fun. You find somebody shooting in the air as if he is demon possessed. This sounds interesting but it does happen. Others, like police officers, shoot in the line of duty. Gangsters for wrong reasons. To take what legally belongs to you by force. Some officers choose to shoot them before the worst happens. Nobody wants to die early. Not even gangsters.

This brief introduction clearly shows you that everybody needs to learn how to shoot. It can help you someday. You never know when you will come under attack. There are people who are experienced in shooting. They do it accurately. We have gathered some of the tips that they use so that you can learn and become proficient at shooting. Here are essential tips for pistol shooting that you need to know.

Focus At Close Range

In order to have accurate shooting, you should focus at close range, preferably 4 yards. This will allow every bullet to come out through the same hole and hit the target. You will rarely miss the target when you apply this important tip.

Shoot From Supported Position

Errors do occur in the process of shooting. Some of them can be eliminated by shooting from a supported position. This is done by placing your hands on a flat table or bench and then shooting your target. Such a position removes any variables than can affect your shooting accuracy. Once you become confident, you can now stand up and shoot without support from any object.

Experiment With A Coin

If you want to become accurate at shooting, you should experiment with a coin. Just place it 5 yards away and focus on it. Slowly squeeze the trigger and shoot. If you miss, keep trying. If you hit, that will be a sign that your shooting skills are good and your accuracy is impressive.

Learn How To Control The Trigger

Many people miss hitting the target because they do not know how to control the trigger. You should first place your fingers on the trigger as you maintain proper sight alignment. That is why you shouldn’t rush to pull the trigger. Once you are satisfied that everything is ok, apply the desired pressure when pulling the trigger. This will increase chances of hitting the target. You will now be able to shoot reasonably.

Shoot Repeatedly

This tip should be applied if the suspect is wearing body armour. You should first shoot at the chest to make him disoriented. Fire another round at the same spot to make the injury worse. This will eliminate any fears that the suspect will revenge by shooting back. You can the shoot the third time to confirm that things are under control and you are out of danger.

Avoid Anticipation

Some people anticipate recoil action which produces sound instead of focussing on the target. This kind of anticipation is bad because it will make you lose focus and subsequently miss the target. You don’t want to experience this. Focus on what is important.

Fire At A Reasonable Pace

It is good to watch movies but don’t see people shooting at lightning speed and think that you can do that in real life situations. Shoot at reasonable speeds lest you become unable to control the piston.

Perfect By Reducing Target Size

After learning how to control the pistol, the next thing should be to reduce the size of your target. This will help to improve your shooting accuracy.

Do Dry Fire Exercises

If you want to improve your shooting skills, you should do lots of dry fire exercises. This will help you learn how to control the trigger, focus accurately and fire the target. This tip is good for those who want to become shooting experts.

Now that we have learnt tips for pistol shooting, we should also look at best IWB holsters so that you can buy a pistol that will offer you the best performance. Not all the pistols you see out there are genuine. Some are of poor quality. Others are not safe to use.

Best IWB Holters

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when choosing the best IWB holster.

  • Security
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Retention
  • Accessibility

Here Are 5 Best IWB Holsters

  1. Cloak Tuck3.0 - It has excellent retention ability and provides great comfort
  2. S&W M&P Shield 9/40 - It is a high impact holster
  3. Defender Leather - Is ideal for optimum performance. Is also comfortable to use.
  4. Uncle Mike’s Nylon Open Top Style Inside
  5. The Ultimate Suede Leather-It provides excellent comfort

Final Word

Up to this end, you now know the best pistol shooting tips. They are easy to understand and simple to apply. You need to practice them. They will help to improve your accuracy and general pistol shooting skills. You should also buy the best IWB holster. Choose your favourite from the list above. Security starts with you. That is why you need to buy a holster.

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