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Funky Colored Flames

Funky Colored Flames
Funky Colored Flames
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Add color to your fire. Enjoy a ravishing display of colors for up to 30 minutes or more.

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Winlow Funky Colored Flames - The Outdoor Experience

"There's nothing like a brilliant display of blue, green and purple flames to spruce up a wood fire. Sit back and enjoy the magical flames for up to thirty minutes."

This product is safe for indoor or outdoor use. It should not be used to cook over. The colors displayed include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
Burns for up to 30 minutes.

FCF will turn an ordinary campfire into a dazzling light show.

How To Use

  1. Open a single packet and empty into campfire or bonfire.
  2. Stand back and be amazed!

Great for: Camping Trips - Backyard Fires - Campfires - Bonfires

Dimensions: 5.46"L x 2.34"W x 1.37"H

*Recommended to use multiple packages for large fires.*

Manufacturer Part#: 281200

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