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How To Make Your Winter Fishing Trip More Enjoyable

Posted by on 9/5/2017 to Food Procurement

Even the most experienced angler faces enormous challenges while catching fish in the winter months. The reason for this is that fishes prefer to migrate to the warm areas of the lakes, rivers or ponds since the temperature drops significantly during this time. In fact, they prefer to take shelter under boulders, rocks or any other structures that will safeguard them from the cold weather and also help to keep them warm. However, winter is still a fantastic time for experiencing some great fishing and you need to make proper planning before venturing out for a winter fishing trip. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will throw some light on how to enjoy fishing during the cold months.

What do you need to prepare before fishing in winter?

ice auger and backpack
  1. Prior to leaving for the fishing trip, you must ensure to check the weather conditions. It will be a smart idea to have some useful apps on your mobile phone which can predict the weather.
  2. Ensure to have excellent tread on the tires. Bald tread is undesirable during the winter time.
  3. Make sure to have a compact toolkit in your vehicle. It will often come of use while fishing in winter.
  4. Also, keep a decent first aid kit in the vehicle which will be beneficial for any type of weather condition.
  5. Do not forget to keep at least two blankets in your car which will help to keep you warm while angling in cold weather.
  6. It is very important to dress properly and be prepared for the cold temperature beforehand. Below we have mentioned some useful tips regarding how to dress during winter fishing:
    1. Bootfoot Waders - Foot waders can prove to be extremely comfy while you’re walking a long distance. Nevertheless, they can keep the feet warm since they are usually not compressed against your feet tightly.
    2. Hand/Foot Warmers - These will help to keep you warm irrespective of whether they are placed in your boots or in your pockets.
    3. Dress up in layers and make sure that the external layer is waterproof as well as windproof. It should also help to sustain the heat inside.
    4. Underwader Pants - Some individuals have the preference for fleece. It is really amazing how they help to keep your legs warm while you are wading in the cold water.
    5. Wool Socks - These will also play a significant role to keep your feet warm and also get rid of any moisture at the same time.
    6. Gloves - It might be the fact that you do not prefer the idea of fishing in winter wearing gloves. However, they can prove to be extremely useful in case you would like to keep your hands warm.
    7. Additional Clothes - The idea of having an additional layer of clothes is definitely a wise decision and it will be extremely beneficial in case you do get wet.
  7. Ensure that your smart phone is charged fully.
  8. Backpack - It will be always helpful in case you will need to walk out after packing up for getting assistance.
  9. Bring extra food items - During winter individuals tend to burn plenty of calories and therefore bringing extra food is always important.
  10. Have the adequate supply of drinking water in your car. It is normal for us to carry additional drinking water during the summer months but we usually do not remember to bring extra water during winter. It is important to avoid this mistake.
  11. Have a lighter in your car. You might require it for making a fire on your winter fishing trip. In fact, there are many instances when lighters proved to be very handy during winter fishing.
  12. Pre-rig the rods. You need to do this for your comfort since you do not like the idea of rigging up in chilly weather conditions.

Winter Fishing Tips:

Ice fishing supplies

Below we are going to mention five essential guidelines that will help you to enjoy
your winter fishing trip:

  1. While the temperatures begin to drop consistently below freezing point, it would be extremely difficult for you to make a cast and therefore you must prepare yourself in advance prior to leaving your residence. Make it a point to put on necessary warm garments as mentioned before which can make a significant difference in the long run. 
  2. During winter, you need to confront with cold water which implies that the metabolism of the fish is going to slow down significantly. Consequently, they will need to preserve their energy in slower water in such conditions. Try to search for slower seams as well as buckets for capitalizing on fish which usually gather in such areas. 
  3. Fish generally do not like to spend much energy feeding during winter. The best option for you will be to go for nymph fishing which will help you to catch more fish successfully. Try to begin with smaller flies and slowly work your way up to the bigger ones. During the cold months, the smaller aquatic life forms like midges become more active particularly during those days which are comparatively warmer. This will provide the fishermen with the perfect opportunity to throw the flies in spite of the fact that the fish have already slowed down. 
  4. Ensure that your flies are down to the bottom and don’t hesitate to put in extra weight on the line either by means of split shot or heavy flies. The fishes become less active during winter and they do not like to move around for feeding. Instead, they like to wait for food in a particular area and, consequently, you will be able to get into the feeding zone of the fish by getting the flies down.Ice fishing hole
  5. Ice fishing is undoubtedly a fantastic activity during winter. However, a hole has to be made on the ice at first and this is done by making use of an ice auger which is actually a big device like the corkscrew. You’ll come across mainly 2 types of augers, namely, manual as well as powered. At present the gas powered ice augers have become extremely popular since they allow you to cut through the ice easily. Try to get hold of the best ice auger in case you would like to make plenty of holes for catching fish. After drilling the hole you should see water flowing outside. Now it is time to put an ice fishing line into the hole along with the lure and wait patiently till you get hold of your first prey. Consequently, just like the ice auger, it is also imperative to go for the best winter fishing line available on the market.


Fish on ice

It is possible to experience a successful fishing venture during winter in case you prepare yourself in advance and are meticulous regarding the conditions. Make sure to research the waterway and also your equipment must function properly and you will be well on course to have a great time fishing.

Author Bio: Louella Trump

Louella TrumpHi there, I’m Louella Trump from, an adventurous lady who loves exploring our beautiful nature by traveling and fishing. I write so as to share my passion and experiences with fellow readers who enjoy fishing and traveling as one of their recreational activities. My primary objective in sharing my experiences while
traveling and fishing is to basically inspire any like-minded person out there to stop at nothing and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they explore their passion as much as they can.
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