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Screecher Sonic Blast Personal Alarm

Screecher Sonic Blast Personal Alarm
Screecher Sonic Blast Personal Alarm
Screecher Sonic Blast Personal Alarm
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Mace personal safety alarm

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MACE Personal Safety Alarm - Sonic Blast Screecher

Protect yourself with the original personal safety alarm by Mace, a trusted brand for defense sprays since 1970. The sonic blast creates an ear-piercing audible explosion of 116 decibels. Not only will this bring great discomfort to an attacker but it will also alert potential rescuers within the vicinity. The threat of getting caught will deter most assailants. This device uses highly compressed air which is released through a small opening. The energy of the compressed air causes a tremendous vibration as it escapes the container through such a small pressurized opening, creating a loud, high-pitched shrill.

Distress call for help in emergency situations.Scare off an attacker by attracting attention.Super loud 116 Db alarm shriek can be heard at a distance.

Screecher Features:

  • Good for 20 short blasts
  • 1/4 mile audible range
  • 116 decibels
  • Net weight: 10 grams
  • Compact and safe to carry
  • Quality inspected and test-fired 

How to use:
  1. Point nozzle opening toward attacker. (Arrow on can indicates direction of sound)
  2. Press down on the cap to emit loud sonic blast.
Tip: Ensure safe operation by depressing quickly for a test blast.

The screecher lets you signal for help in emergency situations of all types. Perfect for expeditions through the woods or outdoor sporting events like orienting or kayaking. The high decibel alarm is also very high pitched, making it even more distinct as a distress call for those who are around to hear it. 

Mace's personal safety devices are also great for home security as well. The Screecher is not an aerosol alarm, making it safe for you and the environment. An air horn is a pneumatic device and is trusted by professionals in all fields including police work, fire safety, search and rescue, and traffic control.

Proudly assembled and packaged in the USA.

Cautions: Due to contents under pressure, do not puncture, incinerate, or store at temperatures above 120°F. Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not disburse sound near ear as it  may cause permanent hearing damage. Keep out of reach of children. This alarm should only be used for actual emergencies to forewarn and alert others.

Manufacturer Part#: 80145

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