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Top 50 products and other updates

Beginning the Top 50 Products Section

Hello survivors!!!

We are offering 15% off on a list of products that are brand new and you probably haven't seen yet! 

Use The Coupon Code: top50

Some products you can get include:

This coupon expires in 14 days! - August 15, 2012. So act now!!

Hello Survivors,

New Cheaper Shipping Rates!

Just a few quick notices for our valued customers. We have recently enabled additional shipping services, USPS First Class Mail. We already provide extremely discounted rates (10% off standard rates for every 10$ spent) but now you can receive an even lower cost for orders that weigh less than 0.75 lbs. This means shipping costs for less than $3, without having to order a bunch of stuff! No more ordering a 5 dollar item and spending 6 dollars for shipping!

Our Newest Product Additions

Secondly, check out some of our recently added products:

Survival Tips - How To Prevent Illness in Wilderness

And finally... Do you plan on camping or backpacking soon? Going on an extended expedition? Or just want to prepare yourself for emergencies? Well, getting sick in any outdoor or survival situation can be very problematic. Check out the newest article with 11 tips you should use to help prevent yourself from getting an illness in the middle of a 5 day backpacking trip or hiking expedition. Getting even a mild illness can turn your trip into a real  world survival situation.

Hello Survivors!

Welcome to 2013! I know we all barely made it, but now that we're here it's best to keep doing what we're doing. 

We are currently conglomerating a series of future articles for our blog which consists of lists of 'Random Survival Tips'. The 'Random Survival Tips' are short, simple ideas that have been given to us from readers like you, our staff members, my own personal experience and friends of ours who have tremendous outdoor survival and prepping experience.

WE WANT YOU TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR IDEAS!!!! Please share with us at least one (but as many as you'd like) idea or tidbit that you have picked up on during your experiences. It can be a tip in regards to anything related to emergency preparedness, outdoor recreation like camping and backpacking, or just general survival tips. Here is our first article, maybe it will kick start some ideas!!

If you submit a good tip, then we will post it in our future "Survival Tip" articles. All you need to do is respond to this email with your idea and any type of biographical information (ex: name, location, experience level, hobbies, etc...) that you would like to mention.

As a result for your participation, go redeem 10% off these new products!!!!
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