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Ranger Bands

Posted by on 12/12/2013 to Emergency Preparedness

Ranger Bands are often described as "Rubber bands on steroids". Their use was originally popularized by the military and titled because of the prevalent use by Army Rangers. Compared to a standard rubber band, they are more versatile, durable, and resistant to abrasion and weathering. Below is an accumulating list of many of the uses we've come up with for these ranger bands.

Never-ending List of Uses for Ranger Bands

  1. Seal containers shut tightly like an Altoid tin or Survival Kit in a Can.
  2. Mounting flashlight to tool or weaponry.
  3. Secure backpack shoulder straps together.
  4. Scratch protector for signal mirrors.
  5. Improve grip on handles such as an ice pick or hatchet.
  6. Splinting broken fingers.
  7. Gear holders and gear ties.
  8. Securing knife to sheath.
  9. Lashing cordage together.
  10. Effective fire tinder, they are easily ignitable.
  11. Keep spare batteries attached to device or lashed together for convenience.
  12. Use as pads to cover up sharp or frayed edges.
  13. Holding asparagus :)
  14. Tighten the seal around Zippo lighter to prevent leakage.
  15. Silencing gear such as cleaning kit for Saw pistol grip.
  16. Strap a knife or other tool to your suspenders.
  17. Dampers for fishing line.
  18. Crude, but still effective slingshot bands.
  19. Linking items together.

This list will grow with input from you!

Some more generic uses of ranger bands include binding and fastening basically anything. They can make effective linkage, cordage, and ligature. They can do many of the tasks that standard tape, paracord or bandages can do, and it's essentially free.

Creative Alternative Names for a Ranger Band:

Warden Bond - Soldier Strip - Rover Sash - Trooper Truss - Commando Cord - Sentinel Shackle

Ok, so most of these names were just things we saw on random posts and forums related to ranger bands, but we happened to like some of them. Not everybody appreciates the inclusion of "Ranger" to everything that was used in the military.

How Do You Make One?

The instructions are simple:

  1. Materials needed include:
    • Old bike tire inner tube
    • Scissors
  2. Cut circular strips of inner tube with the scissors.
How to make a ranger band
Blog Comments
arun kumar Date 10/13/2014
we wish to purchase few nos rubbers tubes for mountain cicles pressure of 225 psi --say 15 bar is important-- hifher it is better it is-- we can also wrap tube-tyre for better protection---pl pffer your highest pressure standard size tube for cycle pl inform your indian agent e mailo --or we can import directly regds arun goel new delhi india
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