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Bear Grylls Rechargeable Torch

Bear Grylls Rechargeable Torch
Simply twist to charge!
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Hand cranked rechargeable flashlight

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Gerber Bear Grylls Hand-Cranked Rechargeable Torch Flashlight

Being lost and stranded even with the right tools is bad enough. When one of those tools fails or malfunctions then the situation has just gotten much worse. One of the biggest problems is the life span of a flashlight battery. The Bear Grylls Survival Series Rechargeable Flashlight does not run on traditional batteries; the capacitor/battery system within this light is fully chargeable by simply using the crank.

The crank uses a magnetic field that propagates a coil of conducting wires which creates an electrical current from the motion of the magnet through the coil. The current creates a stored charge that goes straight to the battery, erasing any need to ever change the batteries.

Flashlight Torch Features:

  • Crank powered - Rechargeable
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Innovative removable tail cap
  • Waterproof when tail cap secured
  • 80 Lumens output
  • No battery replacement needed!
  • LED light - CREE XPG-R3
  • Reflector
  • 4 modes include: (estimated lumen)
    • Low (10)
    • Medium (28)
    • High (80)
    • SOS (110)
  • Length: 15 cm
  • Weight: 91 grams
  • Gerber Survival Gear

To charge the Bear Grylls flashlight, all you have to do is spin the end of the base of this light. The spinning creates a charge that is stored in the battery. This light also has replaceable batteries when needed.

A rechargeable torch light like this one can lead you to safety in a survival situation. This one is particularly compact and one of the best recharging led flashlights on the market. Most torches are bulky and heavy, and difficult to use with weak lighting capabilities. That is not the case with the Bear Grylls inspired and Gerber Gear made flashlight.

Manufacturer Part#: 31-001796

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